"Before I cut your ropes, you have to let me explain why I wanted my father dead," Jesse said. "Years ago, he used to beat women if they didn't do what he wanted. He started beating my younger sister when she turned thirteen and he eventually killed her. He beat my mother to the point that she left him, but when she was almost outside Dodge City she was shot down by a bounty hunter who had thought she was an outlaw. She died a few hours later. Please understand that that was the only reason. My sister was my best friend and my mother was the only parent of mine that ever cared about me."

Cassie saw Natalie and Sam standing at the door.

"They'll be back soon," Sam said.

Jesse nodded and sliced the ropes binding Cassie's hands to the back board.

Cassie sat up and rubbed her wrists before pulling out her gag and buttoning up her shirt.

"I'm sorry I was angry at you," Cassie said. "I didn't know."

"I forgive you. Now come, we have to get out of here."

They walked back into the cavern and saw Shadow and Natalie and Sam's horses ready to go.

"We took the liberty of taking back our money that James took off us and then some," Natalie said. "I suggest you do the same."

Over near where the horses had been kept, there was a mound about half the size of Jesse height-wise of jewellery. Gold, silver, pearl, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies.

Cassie went over and went through the jewellery. Jesse went with her. They searched through each for different things.

Jesse found the perfect thing he needed and stowed it in his pocket. Cassie finished soon after and went to Natalie.

"This is for you," she said. "Think of it as a wedding present."

She held up a beautiful gold necklace strung with mother-of-pearl, diamonds and sapphires.

Natalie was speechless. Cassie took her hands and closed it around the necklace.

"Thanks," Natalie managed to say. "It's really. beautiful."

"Yes, isn't it? It's a shame you won't be here to enjoy wearin' it!"

James and his gang were at the tunnel mouth. Jesse started whistling a song. The horses stirred and soon there was a yell outside.

Everyone from the gang fell to the floor just as Dash jumped over them and reared in front of James.

"What the fuck!?"

"That's my horse, James," Jesse said. "He's trained to attack once I start whistling until either he dies or everyone he attacks is dead."

Dash snorted and turned around. James started backing away but it was too late. Dash kicked him in the head and he fell to the ground, dead.

"STOP!" Someone yelled before a man entered the cavern.

"Pete?" Cassie and Natalie exclaimed at the same time.

"Ah yes, hello cousin, my love, how are you today?" Pete asked. [*Remember Pete is the reason Natalie ran away, he treated her badly. He's also Cassie's evil cousin.]

"We are just fine," Cassie said coldly. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see the Maloney Gang's hideout," Pete replied. "After all, I did pay to make it. I see you are prisoners. Two of you are murderers, while one was dead and left me heartbroken. And the other is."

"My fiancé," Natalie growled.

"No! I thought I had done enough taking my anger out on my uncle and his family. Then the mayor goes to tell my dear cousin that I paid him to do it and now this! I will not have it! You will marry me tomorrow and if you escape I will kill you!"

While he was blabbering on about how he would kill Natalie, he didn't see Cassie pull out a pistol and pull the trigger. One shot was all it took, straight in the heart.

"Thank God," Natalie said. "I thought he'd never stop."

"Let's get out of here," Jesse said.

They led their horses out into the moonlight. Surprisingly there were no members of the Maloney Gang but when they got outside they found all the members lying on the grass with their hands tied, carefully watched by the sheriff, deputy and some civilians.

"Are you all alright?" The sheriff called over to them.

"We are fine," Cassie called back.

"Hey, you're the murderer of the mayor of Dodge City! I hereby -"

"No, we were framed; it was actually James Maloney who killed him, after he became a bounty hunter."

"Where is he then? Why isn't he out here?"

"He's dead," Natalie said. "By horse."

"Oh, alrighty then, shall we get you back to your hotel?"


Over the next week were lots of hangings, as there were simply too many members of the Maloney Gang.

The next week was Natalie and Sam's wedding, after which they took a train down to see Natalie's family, who were stoked at the fact that she wasn't dead.

While they were gone, Jesse and Cassie were given a large sum of money and were offered a large estate each, but instead they chose the best one and lived in it together. Natalie and Sam were given the same thing also when they got back.

After about a month of living together, Cassie and Sam went out to the bison restaurant and Jesse proposed with the ring that he had taken from the pile of jewellery in the Maloney Gang hideout.

They were married three months later and lived happily ever after, Cassie breeding and training horses, Jesse breaking in wild horses and their three children, David, May and Oliver growing up and going to college.

Natalie and Sam also had children. Their daughter Josephine eventually married David, while their son Cory married May before he was shot down by Billy the Kid and their youngest daughter Daisy found love in college in Philadelphia and married a doctor.


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