Just something I threw together based on the Gia theory, which states that the planets are alive.


Earth:(whistling absently)

Mars: bum be bum bum.

Jupiter: So, you guys thinking about doing anything next millenia.

(Planets shrugh.)

Saturn: nah. not really.

Earth: Same as usual, I guess. Hanging round, spinning, y'know.

Jupiter: huh.

(Long period of silence lasting several thousand years.)

Saturn: Do any of you find the sun atractive?

Mars: what? Are you crazy?

Venus: no way, man.

Saturn: hey. I was just saying, ok? Its just that I feel we've got this thing going on, ya know? Like, shes the only thing stopping me from just flying right out of here, going sum place else.

Venus:where the hell you gonna go? The nearest star's light years away.

Mars: Hey, Earth, you got something on you're face.

Earth: where?

Mars: there. You know, you're looking kinda green. You feeling OK?

Jupiter: Oh yeah. That looks pretty bad. Actually...it looks like life.

Earth: AHHHGGG! Life! Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!

Mars: Dont worry. Calm down I'm sure a meteor'll just wipe them off in a while.

Earth: Easy for you to say! What if it doesnt?

Mars: I'm sure i- there, you see? All gone.

Earth: what happened?

Mars: Meteor. Like I said.

Pluto: So...anybody seen any good movies lately?

Mercury: Shut up, you.

(Several more thousand years pass. The Earth screams.)

Earth: Damn it, they're back! ARRGGGHHHHH! They're drilling into my face! AHHHH! Nukes! Not nukes! My beautifull face ruined!

Mars: hehe. There go your resources. ( Yawns and lays back.) Ah well.

Jupiter: Erm...Mars?

Mars: Yep. Thats what you get for not being as inhospitable as hell.

Jupiter: Mars...they got you too.