Sorry I'm no longer your baby,
You can be happy with that bitch maybe,
You'd rather get dumped by me,
Than just give me her yahoo id,
So as far as I'm concerned,she can go fuck herself,
As far as I'm concerned you can go whack yourself,
I write this poem out of my true anger,
I wish that bitch would get hung with a hanger,
But I don't mean to lash out at her,
I ought to be meaner at lashing out at you player,
You had no right to destroy my trust,
You destroyed the chance of the two of us,
So I write this out to show how I feel,
To show how I deal with what you made me feel,
But now that's the past,
I've taken off the cast,
I'm better now,
And I hope the same for you and your sow.