In at time long ago, God created angels. In his own image, he let them grow and multiply. Living with him in heaven with all the comfort one could ask for. But Lucifer wasn't happy. He found other like himself that were unhappy with the rule of God in heaven. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. They started a revolt against the choirs of angels in Heaven. God's most faithful angel, Bobidicus or Bob-stopped the revolt, but out of mercy, spared Lucifer and his followers, thinking they were just misguided .Also because his beloved mate Vivian was one of the deserters.

God knew there was no real way to reform the angels. So he sent them down below Earth, to Hell. Bobidicus cried and was screaming obscenities inside his own mind as he saw them fall from heaven. God spoke to Bob,

"I know you wanted your friends to stay up here, but they would only deceive us and try again to take Heaven. "

"But Lord, you preach of forgiveness for all. even the blasphemous. Why are they the exception?"

"Because they cannot forgive me."

"You didn't even try, why didn't you just let them stay here?"

"because i am absolute, you cannot question me like you do now. I think you need to go from here."

And with that, God sent Bob down to Earth. On Earth, the first thing Bob tried to do was to commit suicide, a sin that the lord never forgives. He climbed the highest peak and plummeted. He should have been dead but he arose as if it were nothing.

"Lord why have you cursed me? Let me die and be with my Vivian!" he yelled, clutching his fist and shaking in up in the air.

God learned from his mistake with the angels and decided the ones he had already were enough and it was time for a new project, Man.

Lucifer took Hell, and was happy. Now he could rule over his minions, have pain and pleasure all at one place. So what if it was a dreary place? he thought. It's all mine. Nazal, one of the minions, he had different plans. He wanted out of Hell, but also wanted to rule Earth. He bided his time, waiting centuries for it to all pan out..

So Bob lived with man through out history. He began to love mankind in a way because they were so different from the angels. They had complete freedom, something God gave little of that to the angels. He participated in man's wars, on both winning and losing sides. In the 1800's, when bounty hunters became started in the United States, he decided that was where his future lie, in searching for men, enjoying the chase and all it entailed. He never forgot his love for Vivian, for no one could fill the void she left. And besides, he was immortal, so he would outlast any lover he would have.