While in Chicago, on the trail of a convicted criminal, a man cloaked in black, complete with piercings and makeup stopped him.

"I am he that is I am." the gothic man spoke to him, catching him off guard.

"What is it now God, and drop that whole I am bullshit. Still can't believe Moses fell for that bull."

The young man looked at him with his deep blue eyes, "Bob, i need your help."

"Don't worry, Marilyn Manson isn't really the antichrist, he just plays one for the fans. Now go away Lord."

"I am serious Bob. Earth is in dire trouble."

"You have angels in Heaven still, they can take care of it. I'm a fallen angel. I lost all my angelic powers and my wings. I'm no use to you."

"Bob, all of Heaven couldn't save Earth."

"Well then, Earth is going down the toilet. Goodbye Lord, say hi to the angels for me," Bob said as he left his old employer.

"I can change your situation. I can let you back into heaven, or make you mortal..."

Bob stopped dead in his tracks. Mortality? He could finally die and not have to be surrounded by a constantly dying realm of existence.

"i thought you said your word is absolute..."

"Well, even I can make mistakes, I can correct them."

"Yeah sure. Say hi to the angels for me."

Bob walked away, in disbelief. God needing my help? What's the world coming to? Besides, I'd actually benefit from this, no existence is better than this.

"What if I get your friend Lucifer up here?"

"Sure, I'd like to see why he's not partying right now."

The Lord whistled and two young Catholic school girls appeared one a mousy blonde, the other a Latina. The Latina had an aurora about her that was familiar to Bob, could it be Vivian he thought? Couldn't possibly be her...

"Hello Bob, long time no see."

"I always thought you two had a warped sense of humor."

"I told God he should have just talked to you directly with his voice, but you know what it does to humans, the heads exploding and such..."

They all laughed at that rather morbid comment, but the seriousness returned to the faces of the ones possessed by God and Lucifer.

"Lucifer, you want to tell him or should I?"

"Let's both. You start big guy"