Chapter 8

"alright, so we got demons, evil souls, a cult of fallen angels, going to destroy the Earth as we know it, am i right you three?"

"Correct Bob." answered God, looking down in shame. Why did they angels have to so difficult? Especially Bob thought God to himself.

Lucifer and Vivian were still searching through the cluttered mess of a lair. Littered thorough out where notes, some in the old gods' tongue, some in English.. Vivian was cursing in her head, They had to bring lover boy in on this, the last person i wanted to see. And why did Odan ahve to follow that nut job Nazal? Why the hell did i follow Nazal all those years? Well, i guess i can make up for my stupidity...

Bob paced back and forth, thinking of what can of worms he's getting into this time and his answer to whether or not it was really worth it. Was the human race worth it? He lived with them for eons, seeing them evolve culturally into this newest variant of civilized man. What the hell? He was getting tired of chasing humans down for cash, maybe this task would finally quench his thirst for a real challenge. And what did Vivian exactly mean about moved on with her life?

God stood up, with his back resting against the cave wall, he himself thinking of the outcomes. Whether or not Bob would accept this task. And if so, would he succeed? Sure the so called "anti-christs" had come and gone, but they were never real threats. Humans that were killed by their own greed for power. They were mortals, not immortal angels. Could this magic of the old gods produce evil such as the humans have only dreamed of in their fictional works?He shuddered to think of his creations being destroyed and tortured...

"Ah here it is," Vivian annouced proudly, holding a stack of papers, "Nazal even made out a map of where all the holes lead to."

"So where is our little miscreaent at then?" Lucifer asked

"Well... according to his plan... he's starting by going low key. Having followers go to their old contacts to spread the word around. He needs various energies to complete his grand scheme. "

"And teh grand scheme is? " asked Bob.

"Releasing the beast to end all beasts. The monster named Armedon."

"Ah. So how does he plan on gathering these 'energies'?"

"Through the underworlds' henchmen."

"Like who?"

"One name mentioned is Gonzo Martinez, another is Reinhart Schmacher."

"i know them." whispered Bob.

"You do Bob?" Vivian asked.

"Because i'm the one who caught both of them. And probably some of the others on the list. Perhaps even killed some of the damned souls."

"Well Bob, so now you know what the situation is, are you willing to accept this mission?" asked God as the others looked at Bob, all of them wondering what his answer was going to be.

"Stop the world from total destruction. Would be a challenge. I would need more than what i've got to do it. And i would need a bounty to sweeten the deal."

"How's this Bob, i give you the chance to be mortal, so you can die and finally end up somewhere else than Earth where you've been all these millenia."

"And i'll throw Vivan in the pot to help you in your adventure. " Lucifer added.

Bob started to think even harder about this... hmmm.. finally mortality, something he's dreamed of. And Vivian getting to come with him, though he wondered if the latter was really that great of a prize. She's not the same lovable angel she once was. This would be a challenge...

"Alright, i'll play your game. I'm in. " bob said, hoping he hadn't mad a mistake in getting caught up in this game.

"Now Bob, as a gift, i'm giving you something special..." God said as he touched Bob's chest with his right hands, outlining a cross. Bob started to feel warm and tingly on his chest and on his back.

"what i've done is given you is your angelic powers back. As time goes on, you will gain more of them back. Even your wings. But it is a slow process. The cross on your chest will grow larger as the powers come back"

"You two better get a move on." Lucifer said, feeling saddened that his reunion with his old friend would be ending.

"how are you two going to contact us?" Bob wondered

"Oh we have ways, we'll make sure to watch and bother you, dont you worry about that"

"We'll take my car to the hole," stated Lucifer.

"Alright,"Bob answered, thinking to himself, not another car ride to be filled with uncomfortable feelings and silence to possibly be broken by yelling.

"Remember you two, we're watching and make us proud you two are teh best we have. I better get back to heaven," said God then disappearing slowly.

The car ride was quieter than the last one, this time no words were exchanged between Bob and Vivian, though at times Bob fouind himself about to start to talk and stopped before the sound was to come out

"Here we are kiddies. You two behave. Goodbye my friend, till we meet again," Lucifer said as he hugged Bob.

This is going to be a LONG mission thought Bob to himself as they walked through the hole

A/N: Decided that it would be a good idea to make another chapter. I have ideas for the next chapters, but nothing has been finalized. In fact this chapter is somewhat unfinished. i dont know if the beast Armedon will be changed to something or this search for the energies. But right now, they sound good, so time will tell. Might come up with something more imaginative.