The Night I do not Remember

Candle light flickers across my wall till tomorow all the while I lay here feeling hollow others around me speak of sorrow every breath is life they say. Most speak of life it's ups and downs I do not speak, but sit and say: Every day I feel but hollow as I miss the best part of me, my mind only feels such sorrow for it was I that left you lay, now my memory leaves me my mind is left a fray... I am glad I willn not remember this day. Candle light still flickers across my wall the wax itself burning me, I hope not to die this way without the best part of me.

And I wish you would say: Do not worry my love today you have not left me lay when we join again you will never once again have to say that you are feeling hollow because you know you will always have me and we will never again feel sorrow.