The pseudo club

By:Adam Town

Suicide Deaths, U.S., 2000*

Suicide was the 11th leading cause of death in the United States.

It was the 8th leading cause of death for males, and 19th leading cause of death for females.

The total number of suicide deaths was 29,350.

The 2000 age-adjusted rate** was 10.6/100,000, or 0.01%.

1.2% of total deaths were from suicide. By contrast, 29.6% were from diseases of the heart, 23% were from malignant neoplasms (cancer), and 7% from cerebrovascular disease (stroke), the three leading causes.

Suicide outnumbered homicides (16,765) by 5 to 3.

There were twice as many deaths due to suicide than deaths due to HIV/AIDS (14,478).

Suicide by firearms was the most common method for both men and women, accounting for 57% of all suicides.

More men than women die by suicide.

The gender ratio is 4:1.

73% of all suicide deaths are white males.

80% of all firearm suicide deaths are white males.

Among the highest rates (when categorized by gender and race) are suicide deaths for white men over 85, who had a rate of 59/100,000.

Suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death among young people 15 to 24 years of age, following unintentional injuries and homicide. The rate was 10.4/100,000, or .01%.

The suicide rate among children ages 10-14 was 1.5/100,000, or 300 deaths among 19,895,072 children in this age group. The gender ratio for this age group was 4:1 (males: females).

The suicide rate among adolescents aged 15-19 was 8.2/100,000, or 1,621 deaths among 19,882,596 adolescents in this age group.

The gender ratio for this age group was 5:1 (males: females).

Among young people 20 to 24 years of age the suicide rate was 12.8/100,000, or 2,373 deaths among 18,484,615 people in this age group.

The gender ratio for this age group was 7:1 (males: females).

Attempted Suicides

No annual national data on all attempted suicides are available

Other research indicates that:

There are an estimated 8-25 attempted suicides to one completion; the ratio is higher in women and youth and lower in men and the elderly

More women than men report a history of attempted suicide, with a gender ratio of 3:1


From the top of the list of the most frequent mental disorders in America

1. Depressive Disorders

Depressive disorders encompass major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, and bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is included because people with this illness have depressive episodes as well as manic episodes.

Approximately 18.8 million American adults, 5 or about 9.5 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year, 1 have a depressive disorder.

Nearly twice as many women (12.0 percent) as men (6.6 percent) are affected by a depressive disorder each year. These figures translate to 12.4 million women and 6.4 million men in the U.S. 5

Depressive disorders may be appearing earlier in life in people born in recent decades compared to the past.6

Depressive disorders often co-occur with anxiety disorders and substance abuse. 7

Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and established market economies worldwide. 3

Major depressive disorder affects approximately 9.9 million American adults,5 or about 5.0 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. 1

Nearly twice as many women (6.5 percent) as men (3.3 percent) suffer from major depressive disorder each year. These figures translate to 6.7 million women and 3.2 million men. 5

While major depressive disorder can develop at any age, the average age at onset is the mid-20s. 4

Dysthymic Disorder

Symptoms of dysthymic disorder (chronic, mild depression) must persist for at least 2 years in adults (1 year in children) to meet criteria for the diagnosis. Dysthymic disorder affects approximately 5.4 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older during their lifetime. 1 This figure translates to about 10.9 million American adults. 5

About 40 percent of adults with dysthymic disorder also meet criteria for major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder in a given year. 1

Dysthymic disorder often begins in childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood. 4

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects approximately 2.3 million American adults, 5 or about 1.2 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. 1

Men and women are equally likely to develop bipolar disorder. 5

The average age at onset for a first manic episode is the early 20s. 4


In 2000, 29,350 people died by suicide in the U.S.8

More than 90 percent of people who kill themselves have a diagnosable mental disorder, commonly a depressive disorder or a substance abuse disorder. 9

The highest suicide rates in the U.S. are found in white men over age 85. 8

In 2000, suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds. 8

Four times as many men as women die by suicide; 8 however, women attempt suicide 2-3 times as often as men. 10

All courtesy of the National Institute Of Mental Health


America is a anguished, despicable, waste land of human filth,

Sometimes I wish I could leave all of this vile pit of waste behind. We are

only given life once and we should choose the time we are given wisely. We

can't live like slaves, we have to realize when we are dead we are dead. You

can hope and pray that there is a god, or a life after death as much as you

want. But in the end you must realize there isn't and these beliefs are

ultimately ruining your lives.

You don't enjoy the "real" pleasures in life, simply because you feel

you have to live a life free of so called "sin". Your so worried about what is

gonna happen after you die, you don't take the time to worry about the life

your in now. You have to live in the moment thoughts of past and future will

cling on to your head and blind to what you really need to see.

When humans typically have a fear or problem they tend to lie to

themselves or make up a solution. Like Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany's

problems and killing millions of people, or the Salem Witch Trials. They had

no proof of witches or traces or people practicing the dark arts but what else

can explain the strange behavior of the kids? Some say it was the Rye. Many of

them harvested the rye for crops, but the rye produced a mold with long acting

alkaloids also known as ergotamine. Which caused hallucinations many also had

illnesses, gangrene, and mental disturbances. Their hallucinations and

seizures were interpreted as witchcraft, possession, or divine inspiration. No

one knew that their diet was responsible for their misfortune.

People are scared to die so they want to believe there is something more

then a void, nothing after death. Thus a god was born and you are saved as

long as you're a humane well caring being. It works out for everyone for

delusions and paranoia are cured and the government has found away to help

keep millions under control because to go to heaven you have to live by the

guidelines religion tells you to have. So basically you're a fucking slave,

and I mean come on think about it look at this world doesn't god sound a bit

far fetched. Jesus was a jew so why Christians? Why not all of them be

Jews..or was Jesus wrong? Who knows..Fuck him.

Chapter one; The Extermination

The last few just jumped, the last few just drank cyanide, the

last few stuck there heads in ovens, shot themselves, slit their

wrist, overdosed or what not. The last few is hundreds of millions

when your talking about the whole world.

Four things can unite people in this world. Propaganda, love,

tragedy, and death. What greater tragedy then death? What better

way to have people commit to propaganda then with love? What better

way to get people die then make them realize this world is a

tragedy through using the love your propaganda gave you?

Not everyone is gone. Im here so is Krystal. She will help me to die,

because my words and power are nothing to me. Im just a big fraud like those

prick wall street workers. Some would say this is mass murder, mass suicide. I

just consider it me in my greatest moment, my triumph, my ethnic cleansing. I

cleansed the world of human garbage because that's what we are and that's even

what I am. I figured I would do this world a favor this beautiful world

deserves a favor, so I wanted to wipe out the human race.

Why call it a race? Are we trying to win something? Out of all the

things in the world humans desire power. Such a greedy bunch they are. Lies

and deception doing whatever it takes to come out on top. But then you should

know you did everything wrong in your life, you should know you amount to

nothing and the only race you won was to being one of the sickest forms of

life. Some people would say im cynical.

They are obsessed with looks, that's what its all about, sex. They have

a horrible fixation on sex. People feel that sex is way to say you love

someone. A relationship with celibacy is much stronger then one based around

fucking, just ask me. People with there myths and stereotypes, you can't get

pregnant the first time, you can get pregnant if you have sex underwater. Sex

is just for fun I hear if you make the girl orgasm it will wash out the cum

thus no baby. That is life your born to die, your born to breed. People just

wanna feel good they don't want to commit. They don't want a baby, sex doesn't

mean anything anymore. Its just another special thing washed away by the


This world wouldn't have so many problems if people didn't invent new

things. Abortion wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't around people would be more

careful about what they choose to do or toss the baby in a garbage can after

giving birth to the young child in an alley. There wouldn't be bombs guns and

swords if we didn't make them. If there wasn't laws nothing would be wrong and

everything would be right. There would be no problems. Some people would call

me an anarchist.

I couldn't be a anarchist it doesn't make any sense. They want people to

be free and no government. People are free they chose to build a government.

You destroy society there will be chaos. But people will group together they

have knowledge and they know strength lies in numbers and society will rebuild

to the groups that can build up the most trust and power. Then it starts all

over again.

So here I am watching the fall of humanity and the rise of the earth. No

humans to destroy it and market it. It can just go on like it should. Our

destruction of everything our murder of the world is industry, and our murder

of each other is wrong. We aren't so smart just really evolved apes that went

through high school.

Im sitting here in this utter chaos with the girl I love. We can start

over and live the way we want things. I smile because I know society wont

rebuild. Im smarter then those fucking red necks with a Keystone Ice or some

other camel piss cheap beer in one hand and sawed off double barrel in the

other screaming "down with government". You think an anarchist doesn't give a

shit and is the most free form of a human being but they aren't anything like

me. Even they are suppressed. I can experience true freedom and I don't want

to share it with anyone because they are all niggers. I don't mean the black

people that made wearing winter hats and panty hose a fashion statement. I

mean ignorant. People call black people niggers because negro is the Spanish

word for black and the white people invented the most standard form of


Murder is pure. Everyone kills. Animals are free look at them they kill

not usually for no reason. I remember the first time I killed. I beat a man to

death with a hammer. It was glorious. I loved to hear his screams of pain

as I bashed in his skull. Blood decorated my face, shirt, his bed, the walls.

I was freeing him. It wasn't wrong I had a purpose this man anyone could call

ordinary but to me he was retarded he was mentally disabled. He was sick. Like

everyone in this world he was in pain and dying even if he didn't know it. He

was scum blinded by the moral and beliefs he was raised to believe. Crunch his

skull caved in his screams of pain I realized were screams of serenity.

I enjoyed cleaning up this worlds mess, this worlds toxic spill. I

really enjoyed my killings. I killed everyone. No one was innocent not even

little kids and babies they would grow up and be like everyone else. Even they

had to go. No one was safe from me because no one was in danger this was right

and this is how it had to be,

I organized a club at first to help me kill in mass quantities. It would

help make my job, my destiny a hell of a lot easier. I would find depressed

people they were easy targets. I found people who felt the same as me which

wasn't to hard. I found these people and strategically placed them in jobs to

find depressed people willing to join our organization. An organization

dedicated to life, liberty..mine of course, the pursuit of my

happiness, and mass killings...or genocide of the human race. This group

needed a name something catchy, something trusting, something to make you feel

safe and give hope, it had to give promises of power. Welcome to a club of

promising futurity. Welcome to...

Chapter two; Club Amnesty

To get followers first I hosted support groups. Here you can find

drunks, junkies, cancer patients, rape victims. If there was a person with a

problem you can find them here. And who is more depressed then a person with a

so called "problem". I would tell them of my club and how it could change

their lives. I promised they would gain freedom, happiness, and other little

things they human mind says you need. I promised drugs, I promised booze, I

promised sex, I promised guns, I promised wealth, glory, prestige, and power.

If there was something they wanted and all humans have something they want,

something that makes them tick, to me it's a way to control them.


We met on every Wednesday and every Saturday. People got their drugs,

its not hard to find junkies in my group who for some odd reason know how to

get drugs. I had every kind you could think of. You could roll on ecstasy

which acted like an aphrodisiac and helped out a lot in my orgies but I will

get back to that. You could get heroine and smoke it, inject it do whatever

you wish O.D. for all I care, You just want that feeling of absolute ecstasy

when you body feels pleasure only describable as a female orgasm then after

that hour after hour of peaceful calm, bliss, nirvana, serenity.

Do mushrooms if you want you fucking hippy. Drop acid burn away your

brain I don't give a shit I just want you to die. Snort coke let eat away at

your nasal tissues and brain, smoke crack whatever, do speed, feel like

superman with on a wild ride of invincibility on pcp because your kryptonite

is reality. He relax try some opium, Rasputin did and look at him he was one

hell of a bitch to kill. Smoke weed space out forget your problems. Think of a

drug you want I can get it and you can do it don't puss out of come on make me


Its kind of funny how normal people are scared of world people on drugs

live in its like a dark forbidden place like their parents room at night or

hell. Its funny because people on drugs are scared of the scared of the world

of reality it sickens them much like me but I can handle it. So why be scared

of each other lets unite two worlds into one we all have fears.


In my club I only accepted physically fit people no obese, not even a

little chubby. Not that all fat people are horrible some can't help it because

of medical conditions. Its just part of my mind control. People don't find fat

sexy. Girls used to wear corsets so tight it cracked there ribs and crushed

there kidneys only so they could have more room to make it tighter.

The sex offered had to be done so now one was offended so they all wore

paper bags over there faces and since no one had disgusting bodies it didn't

matter what you looked like you always have your imagination to help through

the worst hardships. Picture it a few hundred people of all ages fucking each

other all the moans of pleasure and gasps of delectation. All with paper bags

over their heads. They had eye holes and that's all. All the bags were

acquitted with funny face I drew. Big noses, buck teeth, gap teeth, crooked

noses, moles, ass chins, moles it was quite a riot.

Everyone was castrated , no birth control or condoms will do. There's

only two ways no guarantee safe sex, A. You can not have sex and B. You can

destroy your ability to reproduce. You can squirt jizz through a pin hole in a

condom. I saw it once on a tv show with hidden cameras a roommate was caught

poking holes in his friends condoms. People are crazy fuckers and tend to do

some of the most foolish stuff for laughs. A lot of the things people will do

for laughs are the same thing people will do for revenge.

So no sperm leaving the dick no ovaries to reach no babies and that's

what people want right? No commitment. And more babies would lead to more

people to kill. I don't want my job any harder.


I had my followers find jobs. We met in warehouses I bought hundreds of

them lining a abandoned dock somewhere here in New York. I was buying them all

out. The members of my exclusive club were soon gonna need a place to stay. I

had them seek out jobs as heads of support groups, teachers, councilors,

school councilor, police officers, bar tenders..etc. Any job where you an find

a person who needs help or is suffering, or a way to make people suffer.

School councilors worked well they could talk sad kids in to coming to group

and if they couldn't get a job as a councilor they would be janitors and see

the kids that go in and refer them to me.

Teenagers are the most depressed of any age group. They are so

vulnerable because they are not yet hardened by the world. They won't know

what to make of it. They have young love, drinking, break ups, bad grades,

bitchy parents, friends, bullies(or as I like to call them cock suckers),

identity crisis, sexual crisis, sexual identity crisis, money, jobs, driving,

homework, tests, studying. The list goes on and on but its probably the most

depressing stage of life and that's why so many are willing to commit to

suicide. The people infected with HIV where fairly easy to recruit because

they knew they were going to die so they wanted to see something dramatic

changes. Anything is better the same old shit day after day. I saw this so I

had an idea, I took blood from some of those infected and put it on needles

and pins and put those in places where the public would easily grab them or

snag a hold of them. I put them in phone booths, gas pumps, car door handles,

putters at putt putt courses, I would get some of my drug dealers to mix in

the blood with the syringes of heroine or have them had out used dirty ones.

I could promise anything because in this world everyone wants something,

I could make a group for flat chested girls and call it the committee of itty

bitty titties. And I promise silicone boobs for all. Oh what? You have E.D.?

That sucks I promise you guys some nice stiff hard ons. Viagra made life

easier for them. Some day viagra will replace most drugs and date rape drugs

such as ruffies will prevail dominantly. Birth control will replace acid and

lcd because we are to bust fucking to be fucked up. We are a horny nation and

someday sex will conquer all. Its really quite a sad place we live in.

Chapter three; Krystal's Tale

He used be such a sweet and happy kid. He used to be like all of us, but

like many the reality of this world can be harsh and overwhelming and strip

young kids of their innocence. He never got to live in a house or enjoy a

decent family life like the rest of us. When he was young he lived in a crummy

apartment building son to two college drop outs with two parents who had many

problems. He had a sister from another relationship his mother had wit ha

abusive man. He used to beat her a lot, one time he pushed her down a flight

of stairs and also broke her rabbits neck. He swore if he ever met the guy he

would kill him even if him and his mom didn't always get along. His sister was

emotionally disturbed and had many learning disabilities. Kids picked on her

often for her crooked teeth and learning problems but he was always there by

her side to stick up for her. His dad was an alcoholic, he would spend all the

money, bounce checks, not pay bills. His father had anger problems once

tossing a clock at his head because he tried to wake him up so he wouldn't be

late for work. His dad was such a drunk he didn't come home on his birthday or

Christmas on several occasions. His father threatened his mom with a plate and

scissors. One day he was gonna kill himself. His mother left, his sister was

in her room crying she couldn't handle things like this. So he was out there

with his dad and little 4 year old sister at the time, His dad was crying and

said he was going to kill himself. He wouldn't let it happen this man although

he caused a lot of problems meant a lot to him. He was so scared. He sat in

front of the door and watched him all night until his mom got back. Later it

was like that incident never happened, He told his dad there are a lot of

problems in this world but you got to realize you can beat them and you got to

realize you mean a lot to many people if you leave you are gonna hurt them bad

never forget how important you really are. I missed the old him now when a

problem occurs he will explain how time heals only the minor wounds. Like a

slit wrist that didn't kill you or the deep wounds so to speak, they will

stick around and leave scars, The scars stay there until your demise as a

reminder of horrible times and sadness. Those wounds will never go away.

His dad later went to a rehabilitation center for three months. Then he

changed. He started doing drugs (he did a little before but nothing like this)


He plummeted into a downward spiral of depression. He didn't care is his dad ever came back. A once grade A student no longer cared and no longer

worked. He felt this place was shit and not worth working or living for. He

had a friend once that died of leukemia and another adult that was close to

him died of a heart attack.

It was horrible he lost his faith. He felt there could be

no god and if there was, How the fuck could he do this? Im really not so sure

myself. As he grew older he became more depressed. He loved this girl once he

loved her so much. No matter what he did she didn't like him back. She told

his friend why. She said he was a nice kid, but he was to ugly. That hurt him

so bad, so bad, so fucking bad. That mixed with the past and the future it was

horrible. The constant fighting at home, being used by friends, people hurting

him. He felt he lost it all he was suicidal for the longest time. Slitting his

wrist, taking pills, but he never did it. He thought he found love once again.

Swedish girl he wrote back to from a pen pal program at school when he

was feeling lonely. It escalated to what could only be called love. He worked

day after day at a shitty bottle return job raising money to go there because

his family didn't have much money. He wrote her beautiful poems, sent her

packages trying to get her to wait until he got there. He knew if he ever got

there he would do everything in his power to make her happy. He smiled again

and I liked that. He felt like things were looking up for him. He was so happy

he thought nothing could go wrong because he would always her and that was all

that mattered. He swore he wold never be hurt again. History repeats itself,

we are quite ignorant we never learn. She was cheating on him with another

guy. He asked her about it but she lied and said no. the day he found out was

the day he...well. He was so close to killing himself I don't want to even

talk about it. He didn't understand, did everything mean nothing to her? His

hopes and dream were once again destroyed.

That's where it pretty much happened he lost again and he couldn't take

it. The world was out to get him, in on some big fucking joke to ruin his

life. He would get them back, he would make them pay.