Chapter two- More intros

" URGH!" Ruby screamed. "GET OFF OF ME!"

She looked up and was kind of surprised to see Sapphire talking and laughing with the girl that she had just been attacked by. Sapphire noticed she was getting up and ran to help.

"How rude of me!" she said with a giggle. "Ruby, this is Topaz. Topaz, Ruby. Nice to meet ."

When she got up and wiped herself off, Sapphire got the chance to see the girl, Topaz, fully. She was wearing a black cape and had wavy black hair. She had light skin, red lips, and piercing gray eyes. They gave her chills.

Ruby looked down. "Hi.", she whispered.

"Hiya! I'm so sorry I scared you. I didn't mean it. I know Sapphire through other 'adventures'", there was a slight pause. "You know what I mean."

"Oh, yeah. I know what you mean", Ruby replied, looking up. She was confused when she saw Topaz's eyes, which had turned to a pleasant, sunny yellow. She was staring, and she couldn't help it.

"So, where are you from?" Ruby asked, still staring.

"Oh, just up the road, in the next city. What are you staring at?" Topaz asked.

Ruby was startled, and when she looked up, she was scared to see Topaz's eyes turn blood red.