CHARACTERS Sapphire Standin- a lively elf who wields a bow and arrow. Not the brightest crayon in the box, but not the dullest either. She sometimes saves everyone's butt. ( Ruby Deniele- best friend of Sapphire. A spear- wielding elf, she is a tomboy and the strongest girl. Jade Waver- a good thinker. Very logical. She wields a sword and slight magical powers for she is !PART! witch. She thinks up plans. Topaz Crosska- a full witch; she also helps with plans. Most skilled in dark magic and telepathy. She uses an elfin sword. Gendial- The head wizard and Topaz's grandpa, he protects them until a certain point. Lavino Exton- a guy who likes to take charge due to his mastery of the sword. The strongest guy, he takes charge when Gendial disappears... Entrix Crocus- a kind of puny guy who has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. He seems to know a lot about what they are looking for and what they find on the way there. He says he is part wizard, but no one believes him.


Primrose- A pure white stallion that seems to shimmer; Sapphire's horse. Nemonee- A dapple grey mare; Jade's horse. Grodee- A chestnut mare with a perfect star on its forehead; Ruby's horse. Jackpot- A chestnut and white pinto stallion; Topaz's horse. Cobalt- A blue roan stallion; Gendial's horse. Radium- A black stallion that glows with a black aura; Lavino's horse. It's strange for a mortal to have a horse like that, isn't it?