The Devil Is A Woman

The devil is a woman
She got her hands on me
Pushed me to the brink with pleasure
As I held to her tightly
She seduced me, she reduced me
To a helpless pawn
In her tantalizing game
Of tease, torment, turn-on
At the moment that I knew
She was my ecstacy
She stabbed my back and then she tried
To steal my soul from me
My body cried to let her go on
As it succumbed to her bait
But luckily my sense kicked in
Before it was too late
I struggled hard, but finally
I pushed her evil away
She dissapeared with all the force
Of my hope, my love, my faith
So I lay there in the dark
Dripping with my sin
I'm still healing from the day I found
The devil is a woman.