Anybody She Wanted

~ * ~ * ~

It is the first day of high school.

She sits at a desk near the front, green eyes shimmering with curiosity, wisps of black hair curling around her face. She is confident, happy, and intelligent. She is beautiful, and she knows it.

He walks in; head held high, brown eyes alight with a quiet contentment. He is followed by one who looks exactly like him - presumably, his twin brother. But she has eyes for him and him alone. She vows that he will be hers.

He sits near the back, and she turns to look at him. She is being obvious, and she doesn't care.

When class ends, she floats through the corridors. Almost every male she passes stops and stares; she pays no attention. She is still high off the beautiful boy's presence.

She finds his twin in her lunch hour. He is pretty, but not like the other one, the one with the arrogant stride and smiling eyes. The one she wants.

She is surprised when she prances into her fourth hour gym class and sees him standing there. It is at that moment she knows this will be an important class - it was a chance for her to get to know him, because you couldn't just rush into relationships.

Time goes by; she learns more about him every day. He is kind-hearted, wise, and perceptive, tinged lightly with arrogance.

Finally, she asks him out, stuttering and mumbling her sentences, her eyes sparking shyly. He accepts, eyes dancing.

However, it doesn't last. His tender-hearted nature gets the better of him, and he leaves her for a girl who cries when she finds out he is taken.

That girl may have liked him for two years, but she has nothing on the love that the beautiful green-eyed one has for him.

She remains friends with him, and everyone can see that they like each other. They look so cute together...

...but they are not "together." He is still with the plain brown-haired girl, the one with the strange nose, the one who can never appreciate him well enough for the green-eyed girl's liking.

She still watches him as he struts down the hall, as he is bent over his work, just as she did the first day she laid eyes on him. But now her eyes have lost their glow.

She insists that she is happy as long as he is, but, at night, when all the lights have gone out, she cries herself to sleep, every tear a painful reminder of him. Every tear *for* him, although she'll never let him know it.

His pretty twin wants her now. She tries to content herself with him, but he is so different from his brother. Different, but still good, even though she'll never love anyone like she loves...him.

She could've had anybody she wanted.

And all she wants is a puppy-eyed boy who will never want her back.