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Chapter 1

A man dressed completely in black sat in silence beside a brick building, smoking what remained of his cigarette. He removed his gloves to insert the small metal bullets into the barrel of his .45 caliber weapon. Extinguishing his cigarette, he released a breath which he had been subconsciously holding when he finished successfully. The frosty-looking breath swirled in the air and bitterly reminded him of the uncomfortable cold in which he was working.

He dressed his hands again before rising against the cold air and peering around the corner of the building, eyeing his target. Satisfied that the target would remain there, waiting in line outside the building, for awhile, he turned around and entered the building through a back entrance. He was immediately faced with a staircase, and so proceeded to climb it, expressionless and indifferent. He reached the top of the building and stepped out onto the roof. Looking around cautiously, to be sure that he wasn't being watched, he walked further out onto the roof, approaching the ledge.

The man crouched down stealthily and peered over the edge of the building. His target was standing about idly, chatting with some people of no importance. The assassin raised his .45 and took careful aim, being sure to aim for a one-shot kill. When he decided that he was on target, he fired.

Screams rang out from below and the man approvingly concealed his gun in its holster inside his jacket. He crawled across the roof of the building back to the door through which he had emerged and raced down the stairs, being as silent as possible, and then walked nonchalantly down the sidewalk, crossing at the corner. He walked past the crowd of people on the opposite side of the street, pretending for a moment to show interest and concern towards the victim for any on-lookers, and then continued on his way to his strategically-parked car.