Dragon of Love
Give those who don't have love, your power to believe in your special gift

Dragon of Hatred
Give those who have too much happiness, your power to oppose all things good

Dragon of Happiness
Give those who hold no good memories, your power to remember all times meant to remember

Dragon of Confusion
Give those who think everything is perfect, your power to show all bad side of everything

Dragon of Hope
Give those who believe they have no faith, your power to pray for a new fresh day and have hope

Dragon of Danger
Give those who have phobias, your power to face their fears without even knowing

Dragon of Intelligence
Give those who think they aren't smart, your power to hopefully become smarter than Albert Einstein

Dragon of the Stars
Give those who don't feel too bright, your power to use their talents to shine like the stars at night

Dragon of the Universe
Give those who haven't reached their top priority, your power to achieve that goal with everything you can give

Fire Dragon
Give those who hold your element under their zodiac, your power to burn like the fire

Water Dragon
Give those who hold your element under their zodiac, your power to pour nutrients to all who need nourishment

Arctic Dragon
Give those who are under the Water Dragon, your power to conjure anything related to water and ice

Earth Dragon
Give those who hold your element under their zodiac, your power to create more land and contain all things living

Nature Dragon
Give those who are under the Earth Dragon, your power to create weather for all things good or bad

Star Dragon
Give those whoare under the Dragon of the stars, your power to shine brighter than the sun itself by following their heart

Dragons of all elements and emotions
Lend me all your powers to conjure my Inner Dragon
Release it from my body, its prison
Help me unleash the Inner Dragon of myself
Or else it will die from its desire to be free
And I shall no longer exist, nor shall my Inner Dragon
It has tried to exit my body on its own, and it hurts so much
My body can't contain my Inner Dragon any longer
By using its power against me, or attempting to literally
Rip my body apart by its mighty strength
Because of its desire for freedom and light
I have lost all of my strength
But I still have the last of my powers to summon every dragon
of every element and emotion
Help me unleash my Inner Dragon from my ever-aching body
Or else my Inner Dragon dies along with me
And everything of life, including the Universe itself
Shall never exist again