It's always there, in the back of my mind.
What you were,
What you are,
A passing glance,
And I can't breathe,
A smile crushes me and builds me up
I can feel your lips on mine,
Feel you soft touch as you brush the hair out of my face
See your smile when I look into your eyes
Hear your voice telling me you need me,
And I can tell you're blind to it all.
If you only opened your eyes
If you only let yourself fall,
I'd carry you,
If you only let yourself go to sleep,
I'd be the girl of your dreams,
If you only let me,
I'd take care of you,
I'd be everything you want
But I still feel his lips,
Still see your eyes,
Wide open, but closed tight
If you'd only turn around you'd see what's in front of you