I just can't help but think
What its like to hold you close
Your hands run through my hair
Our fingers intertwined
I get such a rush
When you brush me on the arm
A thousand feelings flood me
I can't help but think
If you ever were to hold me
I couldn't help but fall apart
If our lips were ever to meet
If our bodies intertwined
A wave of warmth and excitement
I know that I could drown
A look can cause a tide
A smile can cause a flood
The pain I feel without you
Is more than I can take
The rush that I get
From thinking of your face
Is something nothing can compare to
I never want to let go
I never want to say no
I never want to imagine
Letting you go
Hearing you say no
Never feeling your touch
It's more than I can stand
More than I can stand
To feel your lips on mine
Feel my hand in yours
Will be the death of me
Will be the life of me
To feel you skin on mine
To close my eyes and know
You're there
Will be the death of me
Will be the life of me
I can't live without you