Evolve by Involution

Loved one, leave your mind behind you;
Cast out that sixteen days' waste;
Abandon it inside the garden
In which Eve picked up in her haste
The fruit of knowledge and ambition:
An apple red wuith spiritual flame,
Of dreams high fueled by tradition,
That none may care to quench or tame.

Revive the heart once stilled inside you!
Delight in hearing its winged flutter!
And let the child that's trapped inside you
Take joy anew in nature's matter!
Come, scream your dreams into the heavens
And strech your steely wings of pain
As the solar light above you
Shall melt the clots and the disdain!

Then baptize them through flame and water
And ready them to fill with gold
The shrine of love that falls upon them;
And burn your pain with speed untold!
Then come towards me, my sweet lover,
With clear eyes of chocolate brown,
Devour my sweet soul, oh, so gently
Troubled not by blood or frowns.

And watch as my soul in slow motion
Is drowned in your sanctity
While all the weeds that grow inside me
Fester in your purity.
Come, let's be young in this existence,
With passion as our only creed
And only love in our hearts reigning,
Regrowing on from just one seed.