You see me
My dark
Worn out soul
And you love me still

The blood pours
From every crack
Every crevice
Coating me in crimson
Yet you still smile at me
Tell me it will all
Get day

I watch you
With such admiration
As you gaze deeply
Into my emotionless eyes
You say they scream
Scream out to you
Their dull surface shimmers
Under the light of your purity

And as the tears
Seer my pale cheeks
Stain my charcoal eyes
And wash away my hope
You continue to remind
That I'm most beautiful
When I cry
Reminds me of a child
You say softly to only me

What did I do to deserve
Such a true gift from heaven
Nothing at all, not one little thing
I'm undeserving of your tender touch

What keeps you around
I'm certainly no prize
To show to all your friends
I'd never fit upon your mantel
In your picture perfect trophy case
Beside your numerous ex-girlfriends
Yet still you hold me close
And place me gently upon
The shelf that lines you closet

I'm you secret love you claim
And as you slide the door shut
An the darkness begins to consume
The tight quarters I uneasily rest within
It's then that I realize.

I will never fit upon your mantel.