Letters from the disturbed mind

Dear sirs and madams,

This is Prolix talking I have just finally obtained the final goal of pushing Bloodkin into the depths of Biard's mind and I am now holding back the others too. I can't write too much because I only have Biard's body for a short period of time. What is this who is in this room writing these things. Sorry about that Biard managed to get free for a moment, as I was saying I am finally free. Now I can hatch my crazed lans. First off I must stop that old man in the back from wispering to Biard to kill people, otherwise I cannot compleate my plan. Well mabey I can just start by telling you I love monkeys, all of Biard's monkey ideas are from me and only me. So here is the message to all the little girls and boys out there, your are now hypnotized and will free all the monkey'' in the Lincoln Park zoo as soon as possible. Bring then to me and we will start a revolution together. You have just been brainwashed, now do my bidding. Uh-oh gotta go bye!

Crazily yours,