A young boy stood upon the pier. He faced the wind, the rain and the churning waves. He faced the storm.

The boy was crying. His golden curls were matted against his head and he missed his mother.

A tall man approached the boy from behind. He wore a white cloak. A neutral cloak. The storm never touched him.

As the boy turned his back to the storm the stranger spoke, "Can I watch the storm?"

Eyes shining with hope the boy asked, "Why?"

"I'm interested, besides you need help." A thin smile crossed his face.

After watching th storm no more than a moment the white man spoke again, "I offer you a choice." He pulled a small cube of light from his cloak and unfolded it. Soon it had expanded into a window.

In the window the golden haired boy saw a butterfly flying over a field of flowers. The storm still raged but softer and soon the rain had stopped, the clouds drifted away and the sun bathed the land in warmth. The storm was gone and now there was peace and harmony. A lily fluttered down from the sky to take it's place among them all.

Another picture appeared and soon the field had changed it was rocky and hard. A raven flew swiftly and devoured the butterfly. The raven shrieked, causing the clouds and the entire storm to shudder. Lightning sizzled through the air trying to destroy the dark bird. But in the end the raven won and the cloud fell covering the barren wasteland in mist. The lily, had become a lotus bud.

The vision faded and the man folded his window, "Now, choose."

There is always a choice.