young and inexperienced i was
waiting to be betrothed...
you placed your gleaming scepter
inside of me, and i burst, alive
with warmth and love, as you
dropped the crown of commitment
upon my fragile skull,
the jewels sparkling bright with
the promise of love.

but what once were rubies,
diamonds, and sapphires
are just glass baubles, a false,
transparent glass with no value.
your scepter taking off with my
precious treasure, marring and
scarring my body as
i lie cold in the bed while you are
cavorting with your gothic princess,
my prince charming so far gone,
uniting another kingdom instead
of mine. my castle sinks in
the swamp and you raise hers




into the clouds,
my wishes for your forlorn
affection becoming the
stars that surround you in the night,
my tears adding their sparkle,
my soul adding their life,
my forgotten love giving them fire,
adding my last bit of light into your existance.

your kingdom will prosper, as mine will
vanish, lost forever to the murky
darkness of the bog.