Doesn't it seem,
In this fucked world we live in,
That everything a person wants,
Is right out of their grasp?

So close to something,
They are sure they have it,
Then poof, it is gone.

I can't stop thinking,
You are so close,
Yet so far away.

My mom always told me,
To look,
But not to touch.

I look at you,
And I can't touch you,
It kills me on the inside.

I want someone to laugh with,
To cry with,
To love with.

I want someone to be there when
Life flings its shit at me.
I want you to be there.

I want someone to experience everything with,
The old things,
And the new ones, too.

I want someone that is not perfect,
But someone that can admit to their wrongs,
Someone who can love me like I would love them.

You are my picture of perfection.