It is suppose to be a time of thanks for everything,
But what is their really to give thanks for,
When your life is hell.

In my opinion,
Thanksgiving is when family gets together,
And pretends to like each other.

Is so freaking overrated,
Like most holidays.

Being with my family,
Hiding all the hatred,
Is torture to me.

I want to flip everyone off,
Tell them to eat shit and die,
But I must control myself.

When I talk to you,
You listen to my problems,
And let me cry on your shoulder.

I tell you about my horrible family,
Where opinions don't matter.
Where opinions are "coping and attitude".

But then I realize,
I don't have it half as bad as I imagine,
At least I have a family, much to my distaste.

You make me see the truth,
You show me what love really is,
When my family doesn't.

I really do have something to be thankful for…