I've been staring
at you.

I didn't mean to,
It's just that...
Others would be doing it too.

I didn't mean,
To keep glancing back,
And doing a double take,
Noticing the deep scar on your cheek.
The uneven, healing flesh
On your face.

I didn't mean to spy
Upon the dark, jagged cut
On your cracking,
Nearly grey lips.

I hadn't meant to gape
At your wrinkled flesh
And sagging skin.

It wasn't on purpose that I ogled
Your quickly balding head,
And the oily, fallen strands
Scattered on your pillow.

Seeing your skeletal form,
And burnt hands.
I didn't know what else to think.
Until you caught my guilty eye
And warmly smiled,
To take my breath away.

You're beautiful.
Did you know?
The most beautiful creature to me.