Closing the door, opening a window.

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Summary: Daniel, a popular 13-year-old at school would always try and humiliate Ava who was ugly and geeky, until she moved schools. 5 years later Ava moved back to her old school and happens to have a new image. Jake finds himself falling head-over-heels in love with Ava, but one problem- she hates him. RnR

Summary 2: At Mazda High, Daniel always picked on Ava and made her life hell when they were 13. After her mum gets a job offering she was forced to move school. 5 years later Ava returns to Mazda high with a new image. Daniel chases after her, she slaps him. Can these two really find love and forget about the past? RnR


Ava was a thirteen year old teen that was a main target of bullying through her natural orange coloured hair that frizzed no matter how hard she tried to change it and her large glasses that she only needed for reading but wore all the time so they weren't stolen by a certain boy. The boys name was Daniel; he thought that he was the most charming, gorgeous boy in the large school and that anyone who thought differently was completely 'uncool'.

She despised him, he hated her. They fought against each other due to differences of opinion and rank at school. She was a big nerd and hated him so naturally he hated her back. Unfortunately he had the power to make her world crumble, she didn't.

Luckily for Ava it was her last day at Mazda High. She didn't need to feel completely depressed, terrorized or need to watch out for Daniel everywhere she went. It was quite a relief for the girl; finally it was her time to leave the shit hole in which she hated.

Walking to her locker with an air of glee, she placed the remaining books in her immense back and zipped the fastener up. Ready to turn away and leave, she heard a slight hiss behind her and smelt the same over bearing cologne of the boy she had come to hate.

"What do you want Dan?" She asked, turning around and facing her prime bully.

"To never have to see your ugly face again." He answered slyly, giving off a look of complete abhorrence on his exquisite face.

"Your wish is my command." Ava replied sarcastically, she shut her locker with force and started walking away with Daniel close behind.

"So the rumours are true? You're really leaving for good?" He asked, a small look of shock and confusion consumed his face, only seconds later he mustered that look and turned back to seeming ice-like.

"Yep." Ava grinned to herself.

"Cool. Will you ever come back?"

"And see you again?" ("Aw you know you want me!" Dan said sarcastically.) "Nup."

"Ah well, I suppose that's for the best, less girls will pass out from the sight of your face. Though I will miss the constant look of disappointment on your face. Have a crap life, never forget me!"

Ava quietly walked away outside, she hated him so much! He was so insufferable, annoying, rude, and callous! Her face lit up at one though, she would never have to see him again.

"Goodbye Mazda high," the young girl muttered. She had no clue that her horror will rekindle once more and that she'd be returning to her hell in the future...

********************5 YEARS LATER**********************

********************AVA POV************************

Crap, I am really doing this; I AM REALLY going back Mazda high after that year of hell with 'Daniel?' Ok, no way, NO NO NO NO NO!

I turned away and walked back towards the car, when my dearest mother (I coat that with sarcasm) grabbed my black jacket and stopped me dead in my tracks.

"No honey, you can do this! You aren't 13 anymore; you're a grown teenager. Get in there and give the guys a run for their money!" Isn't my mum the coolest? We have a great bond, my father left us when I was 10. She had me when she was 17, so she's really cool about everything- except this.

"Mum, no guy will think to look at me twice. I should've just stayed at D'Airain College! At least I had friend there!" I retorted, aren't I good? I seem to always know the right thing to say.

"Ava, you WILL have friends here don't start feeling sorry for yourself because it's not helping!" Dam, I know who I get my comments from, "so go now before your Late Avery!" Avery is what my mum calls me, it pisses the hell out of me but at least it's better Pumpkin and sweetie-poo.

So I took in one final breath and made my way up the staircase, students surrounded me on either side but no one paid any attention to me. And I was grateful. The feeling of being invisible was much more welcoming than a feeling of complete torment. I should know, in a matter of years my reputation has changed immensely.

Once I reached the door, my legs wobbled like that of jelly. My heart pounded within my body, I could hear it thumping in my ear. The time seemed to slow down; every second seemed like an approaching lifetime.

Through my stupidity, I didn't watch out for anyone going out of the door and just waltzed in like a complete fool. I felt myself collide with another strong body with his hands gently balancing me out. It was just my luck that I had to bump into that intolerable dick with no sense of reality and an ego bigger than his...

"Oh I'm so sorry! You must be new." He surveyed my body making me feel naked under my blue jeans and jumper. "I'm Daniel, Daniel Lupe."

I scowled, he didn't recognise me? What an absolute idiot! At least I had changed so much and I agree. My hair use to be so... chaotic, now it had darkened and defrizzed during time. My eyes were no longer hidden behind large glasses; I had gotten rid of them years ago. At least in my opinion I had changed so much, the glasses made the biggest difference though, you could now at least see my face.

Unable to bear anymore time with the teen who made me weep all those nights ago, I swerved pass him, yelling, "go away!" Like a complete child as I speed walked away.
********************NORMAL POV***********************

Daniel shrugged his shoulders at the peculiar girl who had passed her, she had looks to kill but the air around her attracted him the most to her. She seemed so independent and unfortunately rude. Daniel didn't care about the rudeness that much, not many girls did end up hating him, most fancied him. He wasn't egotistic, he told the truth. Girls would catch a glimpse at him whenever possible, they would whisper in large groups and flirt all the time.

Daniel shrugged his shoulders; he walked to his homeroom and felt quite surprised to see the same redhead sitting by her lonesome in the front row. Casually the boy walked towards her with one heart melting smile.

"Hey! I never got your name? Or do angel's have no names?" Daniel charmingly asked.

"Why should I tell you my name when you copied that line from 'A nights tale'?" Ava replied wittily.

'Dam, she's seen that movie!' Daniel thought. "Well you can't blame a gentleman for trying to charm a beautiful lady, can you?" He gave her one of his killer smiles.

"Leave me alone!" Ava yelled, hurt appeared on her face. Even though Daniel was not being completely vile towards her, she remembered every look he gave her, every look he gave others. It frightened her that they'd be in the same year and that she'd never have to tell him the truth. If she did, he'd sure make her life hell again.

Daniel saw the look of pain on her face and wondered how possibly he could hurt a girl with one dazzling look.

Daniel left Ava's table and went to the back of the room. The new girl puzzled him a lot, and he wanted to get to the bottom of her secret nature. A new challenge was always excepted by him.

"We have a new member in homeroom." The teacher said, not once taking his eyes off the parchment on the desk, "Ava Donavon."

Eyes stared at Ava, as if they were waiting for her to say something.

"Err... hi?"

''Hi!?" Muttered a few people. "What kind of speech is that?"

"Oi, leave her alone she might not want to speak in front of us all." Daniel said protectingly.

Ava gave him a weak smile but it was gone before you can blink. 'He thinks I'm shy?' She thought. Her stubborn nature shining through once more.

"I'm Ava and I am 18 years old. I live with my mum in a small house just outside the city, my life ain't that interesting."

'Ava.' Daniel thought, 'now where have I heard that name before?"


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