I'm in Paris now. In a huge hall with marble floors, tall pillars, gold rails, high ceilings, and glass trees. I am thinking of Laura and how things are terribly wrong between us.
My white dress is beautiful. The bodice cinches my waist, the skirt reaches the floor and is ornamented with white lace and pearls. On my feet are a pair of soft heels, decorated with tiny silver ribbons at the toes.
I'm thinking of Anthony now. Underneath the rough exterior, he's a deep person with a tremendous talent for writing.
I like him. I like him a lot. Regardless of how he feels about me, which I am now aware of, I still like him and hope we'll get somewhere.
Lifting the glass of champagne to my pink lips, I take a long sip. I clench my fists and look around at all the people, laughing, tossing their hair. I sigh deeply, feeling once more like I don't belong.
I drum my glossy nails on the table and lower my eyelids, wishing I could hide away from the world. I don't know why I bother getting all dressed up, anyway. Being fifteen in one of these rich cordial parties, no one looks at you. When I was young, things were so much simpler. Now everything causes pain and it seems that every word spoken drives me to insanity.

"More champagne, sweetie?" comes a voice from behind me.

"Yes please." The champagne splashes into the clear glass like a wave from the ocean. I see Vanessa, looking as fake as ever with platinum blonde hair and too much jewelry.

She puts down the bottle. "You seem nervous," she says. "Try to relax."

"I'll try." I force a weak smile. Her emerald necklace reminds me of Anthony's eyes.

"Okay." She cocks a thin eyebrow, opens her mouth to say something, but decides against it.

"Nice party," I start, almost choking on the words.

"Yes, quite lovely." She leans closer to me, our faces only inches away. "Only the highest people of society come here, Paris. Don't take it for granted."

"I won't." I turn away from her manipulative glare. I know what she's trying to do. She wants to make me into one of her kind.

"Now if you'll excuse me," she says, clearing her throat. "I see Claire from the social committee. She's a darling." Vanessa stands up and looks down at me. "Enjoy yourself." "I will." As she walks away, I shake my head and wish she would trip and fall on her face. Or maybe I should be the one tripping her.

I leave the room, clutching the glass and letting out a deep breath as the atmosphere lightens almost instantly. I stand near a window with a great view of the city. Lights flash, cars speed by carelessly. The nightlife is unbelievable.

"I'm missing a lot, aren't I?" I take one last sip of champagne before clunking it on a nearby table.
My hair feels too tight in the elegant bun it's in. I take out the clips, letting it fall to my waist in dark waves. I don't know why I bother getting all dressed up, anyway. Being fifteen in one of these rich cordial parties, no one looks at you.

"That's it," I mutter. I descend the stairs in a hurry and rush my pace until I push the heavy mahogany doors open and step onto the street.