Forest Pixies and their Illusionary Tricks

Pixies inner workings are fuelled by and based around the emotions of others, namely people who, generally speaking, are far stupider than they think (No offence to any humans reading this). By misleading and scaring unfortunate travellers they can gather tremendous amounts of this livesustaining emotive energy.

While not inherently evil pixies are often mislead by more powerful denizens of the forest who inspire their awe. At this point they can become nasty. Feeding on genuine fear as opposed to the innocent variety. Pixies alignment often comes into question but they are rarely punished as they are a valuable source of energy and besides, it is difficult for one to punish what one is unable to catch (Druid proverb).

Illusionary tricks are pixie's greatest credit. They are able to conjure realistic images from the desires of travellers. These illusions are employed in a variety of traps ranging from the old disappearing objects in the distance to more ingenious traps involving rivers and half built bridges.

The sparkling normally asociated with pixies comes from there far removed cousins the fairies. For small chores, such as cleaning, fairies will often award bags of their potent dust that when applied to pixies induces a sparkling affect. This is considered the height of pixie fashion (unlike in our society sanitation is considered the trendiest and most sought after of occupations).

Forest pixies are not to be confused with house pixies as the two, while of the same species, have very different morals magic and mischief (the three "M"'s of pixiety).