While the dusk struggles against the night to prevail in the sky, the low-laying sun offers the last of the day's light to anyone who will accept it. Indifferent to the setting celestial body's plea for attention, a young woman stares intently at a familiar house. No longer does she go there. The rarely mowed grass, driven by the breeze, attacks the uncovered portions of the teenager's body, but does little to distract her attention. Her mind brings images of the past to the forefront of her consciousness. The daydream takes her back to days gone.

As the recalled scenery takes a more definite form, the woman becomes more receptive to her memories than her present surroundings. Reality blurs as she takes her place in the recollected events. The hill remains. The girl, now lying next to a male teenager, gazes at her lover. Soothingly, the environment plays into their feelings. The clouds, floating softly through the air, each vie for a chance to observe the couple. The evening sun casts long shadows over the two. Soft winds cool the area. Keeping rhythm with the duet's heartbeats, the few trees rustle in time. Grown dandelions release their feather-light seeds as if spreading an enchanting dust across the hill. Attempting to suffice for a bed, the grass softly gives with the weight of the two bodies. The hill rejoices at the couple.

Content with wasting time with the boy, the girl lets the golden sunrays accentuate her relaxed smile. Her clothes exhibit comfort without diverting from the attractiveness of the outfit. She wears no shoes. Pleased by clothing a person with an engaging figure, her jean shorts release their rigidness to take on a feel of silk. Her gray worn cotton shirt, still bearing the symbol and motto of her soccer team, protects her from the itching of the grass. Her facial expressions display an internal happiness. She breathes lightly. Her hair resides in a casual ponytail. The free strands of hair, unencumbered by the hair band, flow with the breeze; the majority of her hair, though, remains confined to abiding by the wishes of its owner. The girlfriend speaks quietly, adding to the serenity of her attire.

The young man stays mute. Although lacking in verbal communication, he sends auras of tranquility. His hiking boots, unyielding and rugged, carry an earth tone quality. His socks remain unseen. The excess of his oversized jeans flows over his legs, completely covering his lower extremities. His belt, preventing his boxers from being on public display, holds up the baggy pants. A light, orange, unbuttoned tee shirt covers a white tee shirt, exhibiting a modern style. His eyes express a longing to say something, but do not have the voice to speak. His hair retains its gel-shaped form. The man stands, ceasing the harmony among the elements of the hill.

A note passes from the boy to the girl. The boyfriend, walking away, does not look back while she opens the letter. In the moment that the sun finally gives into the oncoming night, a salty tear forms in the eye of the ex-girlfriend. The heartbreaking memory brings the woman back to the real world.

Regaining her sense of her surroundings, the girl pulls a crumpled note from her pocket. She stands next to her ex-boyfriend's house. Everything looks set. Kerosene soaked carpets line the outer walls of the building. Broken glass jars, once containing gasoline, adorn the roof. Thirteen torches rest on the ground, one for each wasted kiss. She lights the first. Using the lit torch, she ignites the rest, flinging them to predetermined locations. The girl, still sensing an unfinished mission, places the note amidst the roaring flames. In the late evening, as the sun finishes another cycle and the arsonist's fire provides light to the area, a smile returns to the girl's face.