I am alone because I've pushed you away
You're advice no longer wanted or needed
Always claiming to know the best solution
When in truth you know nothing

I am alone because you left me
Preferring the company of another
Not giving any indication of such
And I blame you for what happened

I am alone because you lied to me
Claiming no interest only to embrace later
Years mean nothing obviously
At least not to you

I am alone because you pushed me
Always wanting what I couldn't provide
Setting standards I didn't ask for
And now you wonder why I fail

I am alone because I don't believe in you
Your almighty power I have yet to witness
Being praised by millions and millions more
Even as you smite us all

I am alone because I choose to be
Society with its bullshit nothings
Conform everyone to one mold
I have a mind of my own

I am alone because I hate you
And everything you've done to me
Somehow I'm always beneath you
No matter how much I try

I am alone because I hate myself
And all my imperfections and flaws
The dead have no worries or concerns
It's a relief I'll someday join them