~Author's Note: It's been years since I used that account or published anything. Sinners was a story I meant to fully re-write but I only got to redo the first five chapters. It's a story I wrote when I was 16-17 and while I cringe at how bad the writing is, I thought I might as well re-post the rest of the chapters. You know, just in case, there are people who had been following it and want to know the ending.

I'm close to being in my mid thirties by that point and my mind must have gone through some kind of development. Maybe one day I'll take that story, dust it off, smash it and rebuild it from the ashes. But if I have to be fully honest, it's not very likely. Still, it is fair to share all of it, even if nobody cares after all these years.

Enjoy it, my lovelies. I'm uploading all the chapters today.

Glory K.


Greg finally woke up from his exultation and gasped. He was stunned with horror when he remembered about the person on the floor. The youth had forgotten about Melissa! He rushed to her, turning her over. A scream caught his throat and strangled him at the sight of what Bryan had done to his beloved.

Her face wasn't looking like her own at all. It reminded him how Kayla was after the next series of fists. It was scratched and bruised, blue and swollen, covered with wounds. The body was in the same status, completely destroyed and motionless. Greg caressed the marvelous hair and touched something else. Blood!

Suddenly Melissa's eyes started trembling and opened for a while. Her lips could barely move. The voice he heard was only a weak whisper.

"Oh, darling…" He sobbed while trying to stop the red liquid. "I'm so sorry for everything! For I have ever touched you in that way, for I have made you pass through this. Sorry for letting him hurt you."

"G… Greg… Y… you… are h… here." She uttered.

"Don't talk, please! You'll be all right." Greg said while he was taking her to the sofa. "We'll go to the hospital and they will save you. Don't die, Melissa, don't die!"

"N… no, I know… this is… the end. H… he kill… killed me."

"Never say this! You will live!" The youth knew it wasn't true, that nothing could be done but was unable to accept this. His soul was aching while the life in these eyes was fading more and more. It was too painful to face up the truth. He couldn't save her. But Melissa didn't need these fond delusions. She understood what was about to happen and was strong enough to follow her fate. The girl didn't want to leave the world so young but she had no choice.

"N… never sorry f…or our love. It… m… might have… been wrong… b… but it was real… R… remember… I… I… love… you.

These final words took away all the power from her exhausted, tormented body and heart. It was too much to bear. All she could do was to die happy in his arms. Melissa Henderson closed her eyes and never opened them again.

"No!" He slowly went into hysterics. At first they were just quiet shouts, but then they turned into the same yell. This time it was full of such pain and despair that was able to tear apart every human soul. Sometimes the oppression and the life can hurt the heart in such a way that it can't stand it. The last lethal blow is killing every bit of you. Then the only consolation you'll ever have is the Death.

Greg collapsed over her dead body and buried his face in her lifeless shoulder, grabbing the bunch of her hair. The tears he hid all his life unburdened and his cryings reverberated through the cold, silent and still walls.

He hated all the world at this moment. The heartache cut through his very being and grew stronger and stronger. Greg lost his point for living. Completely and irreparably.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The youth started yelling again. "Why? Why did you do this to me whoever you are? Why did you have to kill my soul? Why do you hate me so much that you want to destroy me? If you wish to see me defeated I'm giving up! I'm ready to burn in hell for whole eternity. Just let her live! You will never do this, won't you! Do you know what? I won't let you hurt me anymore." He had straightened and was aiming a blow at the ceiling. His hands were covered with blood, his eyes were wide-opened as if he was a psychopath. "I'll join her and you can't stop me! Even if I have to suffer! Nothing could be worse than what you did to me."

With these words the frenetic energy left him and he fell on the floor. Greg caressed her cheek softly and smiled bitterly. He couldn't cry anymore; he wept every single tear and wasn't planing to keep on.

"Soon, sweetheart. I'll come back to you sooner than you had expected! I'm coming, Melissa, just wait for me!"

He leaned on the wall drawing the corpse in his embrace. He pulled her closer and imagined she was still warm and alive. The young man started singing slowly and cracked.

Needed elsewhere

to remind us of the shortness of our time

tears laid for thee,

tears of love, tears of fear

Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows

Oh, Lord, why

The angels fall first!

"Well, darling, let's prepare for our end." Greg smiled sadly and straightened by holding Melissa tightly. "We can't hide for too long. I promise that nothing will divide us when we embrace the Death."

Greg sunk the body in the bath-tub. The blood slowly dissolved in the cold water, turning everything red. He was gliding every bit of her. In the foyer he thought nothing could make him cry again. A lot more tears appeared in his eyes during the last preparations. But soon there wouldn't be any tears and sorrows.

The little transparent droplets were hitting the surface and mixed in liquid of blood, water and tears.

"You will be as beautiful as you have always been. I want them to remember you that way. Because you were an angel." He couldn't stop talking to her even though Melissa could never hear him again. The minutes before death are different for everyone. He needed to spare them only with her. "Everything should be perfect!"

Corpses are usually heavy but for him she remained light as a feather. He didn't feel weak anymore, in any way.

Greg smiled again and pulled her out of the bath wrapping her skin with the white fluffy towel. Then the young man took her to the bedroom.

Kayla had spent her last months here and left a lot of perfect for a suicide medicines. Enough lethal not to let him wake up. It sounded so sweet!

He had laid her on the double bed and started exploring the bruises and scratches on the dead skin while he was drying it. They looked really bad but the dress would hide them. Greg touched the white cloth on the other side of the bed. She had left it in the country house the last time the family was here.

"Do you know what, Melissa? Downstairs I thought I would die of heartache but now I feel happy." He said while he was putting her on. The dress was still fitting her in the same way as it used to. Greg brushed her curls and arranged her hands on her breast. Then he walked away and stared at the deceased.

"I have never loved you more than in this very moment." He whispered and came closer to her. The body started getting cold but Greg didn't notice it in his madness. "Sleep! Wait only one minute. I'm coming."

The suicide was planing to take the pills immediately and not to slow it anymore but he saw a notebook on the night table. Some really great and suitable lyrics appeared in his mind. To leave a death letter was pretty good idea. Their love was like a HIM song, from the beginning to its very end. It should have finish in that way.

He took one pencil and tore out a page. His fingers were shaking while he was writing the last words in his life.

"Hey, why am I so nervous? I long for the Death!" Greg whispered and left the piece of paper on the other side of the bed. "Go ahead now!"

He took the vials and poured out their content in his hands. He had to take them one by one so the result would be secure. It was good that he had never had problems with pills taking.

"My sweet poison!"

Soon, one by one, they all disappeared inside of him.

After that Greg crawled towards his Melissa and wrapped hands around her. He felt dizzy despite the fact it was too early. The young man kissed her cold dead lips and didn't move anymore. Soon the reaper would have come to release them. He felt the soft and bony fingers, the icy breath and the physical death of his body. He smiled for the last time and fell asleep. Forever.

Greg died two hours after his sister.

Song used: Angels fall first by Nightwish