~Author's Note: It's been years since I used that account or published anything. Sinners was a story I meant to fully re-write but I only got to redo the first five chapters. It's a story I wrote when I was 16-17 and while I cringe at how bad the writing is, I thought I might as well re-post the rest of the chapters. You know, just in case, there are people who had been following it and want to know the ending.

I'm close to being in my mid thirties by that point and my mind must have gone through some kind of development. Maybe one day I'll take that story, dust it off, smash it and rebuild it from the ashes. But if I have to be fully honest, it's not very likely. Still, it is fair to share all of it, even if nobody cares after all these years.

Enjoy it, my lovelies. I'm uploading all the chapters today.

Glory K.


Mason headed towards the bedroom of the country house. He was still shocked by the view downstairs. It was the most horrifying and disgusting view in his whole life. Bryan, the man he thought was stronger than Death. The giant whose freezing eyes were scaring everyone was dead! Murdered by one eighteen years old boy in the cruelest way someone could ever imagine. The police man was amazed by Greg's strength, he was so thin and… fragile, his figure reminded a young girl's shape. May be he was not the killer? But who else could do such a thing? With so much fury and personal hatred?

Now the most important question was where they were? Surely he had escaped with Melissa. Mason was wondering about this since one of Bryan Smith's neighbors called this morning. Mr. Lords had taken his dog for a walk and had gone quite far from his own villa so he noticed the stolen car. It happened at half past ten. The witness was already getting late.

So, some police officers with the detective in charge of went to check out the place. While he was driving he was eaten up with doubts. What if the youth was telling the truth and his stepfather had a dark secret. Then the girl who was sent with him yesterday… He even didn't want to think about such possibility.

"May be Greg had taken her away…"

Mason entered the room and cried of horror. He reeled like drunk and caught his chest. No, no, it was impossible! The man closed his eyes and opened them again. The terrible thing on the bed was still there. He gasped and came closer. "May be they are still alive, still alive… They can't die."

The boy and the girl were lying there pressed tightly in lethal embrace, pale and cold, with blue lips and motionless bodies. Her face and body were bruised and scarred. Greg was in similar status.

"Oh, no, no! What have I done!" Mason lost all his coldness and stillness and started sobbing, not with real tears but groans of terror. He touched their necks. All his hopes melted away with this last touch. Only frozen skin without pulse. The policeman couldn't stand straightened and kneeled near them glancing at the night table. There were empty vials of strong painkillers. Everything was clear.

Bryan had done these things to Melissa. He remembered how scared she was at the department, completely despaired. Her words were still spinning through his mind. "Please, Mr. Mason! He will kill me; I know that. But first he is going to rape me in a way you have never seen! He has been doing the same with Greg…"

She was begging for help, for someone to give her a shelter. And what had Mason done? It was almost like he himself killed her. The man doubted Greg could do this to her in spite of the happening with Bryan. The boy had come after everything had been over and had killed his stepfather blinded by anger.

"And what's the point of all my subtlety? I couldn't make difference between the reality and what it looks like?" He thought. "It's too late for them."

Greg was so damned right."You'll be sorry about this one day. You'll be terribly sorry but it will be too late. Right now you are making a big mistake." Prophetically true! Detective Mason would bear the guilt on his heart for the rest of his life. For being so fooled by some false glamour and prestige. For being so slow and for two young people's lives.

The man noticed a piece of paper on the bed and took it. At least he could read their last note. It was written with shaking hands, some of the words were not clear but Mason understood what was about.

I did it all just for her,

I did it all just for her,

Love wants us dead

For me and my poison girl

Came last night of sadness

And it was clear we couldn't go on

Door was opened and the wind appeared

Candles blew and then disappeared

Curtains flew and then he appeared

Saying: Don't be afraid!

Won't you die tonight for love,

Baby, join me in Death.



"Forgive me! Please, forgive me!" He whispered to Greg and Melissa who could never hear him. "Rest in peace!"

He hoped God or… someone would be merciful towards the sinful, lost souls.

This story remained at their town's history as one of the most scandalous and sinister affairs. A lot of people who knew the family were amazed and confused. The ones in whose opinion Bryan Smith was a saint couldn't believe in his dark half. The events were represented in any unbelievable story. Everyone had got a different version.

But the whole truth could never be learnt. And nothing could bring back the dead people.

Greg and Melissa were buried near Kayla's grave. Detective Mason did everything about this. The keepers of the cemetery knew that every Sunday the man was bringing fresh flowers there.

Another day, few years later, another dressed in black young man was staying alone with the rain and the clouds. But this time he was not hidden by arbor. The flood and the wind were blowing him but he didn't pay attention.

Mark Davidson was standing in front of Greg and Melissa's tombstones. The two dark red roses were almost broken by the sky tears. It seemed as if the heaven and all angels in it were crying.

"You are in another world, brother. In a better place. I hope you are happy there."

Mark had a big deal of problems and had to pay for helping the fugitives in the first and last night he saw his dear friend. He didn't want to come back to New York after three years in jail and was planning to travel around the country. Something he had always wanted to do. But not before saying one last goodbye.

The tears from his eyes were mixing with the rain droplets while he was laying the flowers on the grave.

"I miss you, Greg." He smiled sadly. "I miss our midnight dialogues in the chat room, your long letters. I miss Melissa too. Yes, it's true I didn't know her well but she had been special if she had grabbed your heart like this. Do you know why we had this kind of relation? You reminded me someone. Not me but someone I lost. Do you remember I was telling you about Steve, my little brother who committed a suicide? You were just like him: wise and naïve, sweet and dark, but too weak to deal with the world. According to some people you were broken by the fate. But I don't believe in this. You finally found the will to fight and did a lot more for some days than some people for all their life. I'm proud of you and I hope I'll see you one day. In heaven, in hell or wherever. Goodbye! Rest in peace, my friend!

With these words Mark turned his back and walked away from the graves. A sense of guilt was burning in the bottom of his heart that he failed in saving another lost soul. But Greg just couldn't live here. It would be an endless agony. That was comforting his pain. He left the graveyard with these thoughts.

The tombstones stood still and calm as they had always been. Their story had been told. Nothing more could be said. They would stay there forever to keep alive the tale of the forbidden love and the dream doomed not to come true.


Songs used:

"Poison Girl" by HIM

"Don't Fear the Reaper" by HIM

"Join Me In Death" by HIM

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