You can't see me
For who I really am
To you I am just another person
That means nothing
Your lies become the truth
To an entire civilization
Those lies you made about the world
And I'm the only one who sees through them
When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself
Or who all those people want you to be?
Their expectations are tearing you apart
And still you smile and re-assure them
Is it their fault-or is it yours?
Because these views were yours all along
They grew and grew, into something different
Into a creature rampaging out of control.
When you see your reflection, remember it's all a lie
A nightmere you'll never wake up from
Someday you'll see that this is all a bad dream
And it's a reality that you created.
Don't blame it on me, It's not my problem
I'll be lost to this world in a minute