Bleeding for Me

My heart would bleed for you
But it is much too busy pumping blood for me.
My tears would gladly flow for you
If my ducts weren't blocked with obscenities.
I am an infidel
Unfaithful even to the life I was given for free.
Laugh now, but cry later
When you see the creature that is now me.
I won't try to make amends.
I like making mistakes again and again
Scold me, hit me, hex me, fail me.
But trust once forsaken cannot be gained.
Oh, but don't look at me that way.
These rivulets weren't meant for sympathy.
Look at me but don't judge so quickly,
For you might be wrong actually.
Don't be so quick to think its for you
I'm not begging, its not my plea.
Turn away when my work's in progress.
For when I'm bleeding,

I'm bleeding for me.

Written: 05.07.03

A/N: Grr. Rhyming poetry again, although I wasn't restricted by the rhyme in this. Anyway, I feel it israther typical. All the same, there's no mention ofthe taboos I sometimes cover.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -