My Identity

Don't criticize me
I'm just looking for an identity
Something I can find in myself
Something there in good and bad health
Just go away
I don't wanna hear you say
How I'm not good enough
Or how I try to act tough
I just wanna find
A shelter for my mind
A place of my won
Where I've always grown
Don't push me down
I don't wanna drown
Don't say I'm sick in the head
It's just how I was made
I don't need you
Telling me what to do
Don't pollute my ears
Don't add to my fears
Why do you try to pick me apart
And take away things close to my heart
I don't wanna feel sore
I'm not gonna run anymore
And even if I fall
I face the world and stand tall
I'm not gonna hide and let it all go on
Or everything will soon be gone
Please just leave me alone
Alone in my zone
Don't expect me to be
What you want to see
I want tohave my identity
I just want tobe me.

Written: 01.06.03
A/N: One of my older pieces. I just found it and decided to post it. As you can see, I was still rhyming every line then. Its not a very good piece. In fact I think its awfully primitive. Honest suggestions on how to improve, please. I'd love criticism more than anything.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -