I applied some gloss and told the guy that we could go to the park, about four blocks away. He said in a low voice, "I'm not going anywhere unless you promise me I can get a taste of that lip gloss". By now it was about 8:30 at night, and the park was getting dimmer every minute, and some areas were completely dark.
We made small talk until we got to a decently dark tree. I pushed him down, and he leaned against the tree with his back, sitting. I kneeled down, facing him, so that I had one leg on each side of him. I leaned forward, and was about to begin our make-out session when something occurred to me.
"What's your name anyway, sexy boy?" I asked him.
"Clyde. What's yours?"
I gasped audibly. I must have sounded frightened because he took that very moment to swipe the hair out of my face. I felt moonlight surge into my eyes as my pupils contracted. He gasped when our eyes connected.
"Heather! I didn't know it was you! Why don't you ever act that way at school? What gives?" he spluttered. I was so freaked out. This was awful- no- wonderful.
I made to get up, but then he said, "Well, you don't have to leave. If you want to you can though, but I kind of would like it if you stayed." and then he said louder, "Damn, you grew really big boobs this summer!" My face reddened, but I had some to suck face, and that's what I wanted to do.
He chuckled, and I didn't know what to make his comment, so I followed suit. I suppose it was true that I had had a growth spurt, and if Clyde liked it, fine. My heart skipped a beat. Here he was- Clyde- sitting in front of me, waiting for my kiss, just as I had dreamed would happen for the past year or so. I felt nervous, and I started to feel aroused. I rubbed my butt up and down his muscular thighs and moaned slightly. I didn't much care what he thought of that gesture, as I was constantly horny and humping things lately.
"Yeeeaah, Heather, let's get down and dirty!" he whispered, and then groaned and bounced me up and down on his lap. I was slightly surprised, but then I remembered to ask him something.
"Who was that girl that was kissing you horribly in the pizzeria?"
"Oh, it's just Clarissa. She's a little bitch, but her brother was paying me to go out with her. But, you know, if all goes well tonight, maybe I'll refuse next time." Clyde looked at me for a moment, and then when he was sure I was happy about that (I had accidentally let a huge smile slip), he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me over so I was lying next to him on my side, propped up by the tree.
Slowly, I leaned in to him. Everything had gone quiet. He leaned in to me. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and pulled me close. I put my arms around his neck. My boobs were pushing into his chest, but I was sure he liked it. Our faces were about an inch apart. We rolled over so that I was on top, because I was lighter. Clyde swept a stray strand of hair from my face, and kissed me full on the lips.