Fireworks exploded in my head. This kiss was much different than the one he had with Clarissa at the pizzeria, I was sure. I pressed my lips against his, harder. His lips were amazing and just right for me, and I cozily said spelled "peaches" with my lips. He pulled his arms tighter around me. I had a feeling of belonging there, as we were so close together, with my lips against his. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt like my life was in his hands and he was like my great big protector and my only source of comfort. I only felt positive feelings. I was in bliss, and about to let more bliss in.
I opened my mouth slightly, inviting his tongue. Soon enough it came. I touched his tongue with mine. A tingling sensation crept down my spine. I massaged his tongue with mine, and inhaled his scent through my mouth, while I was sure he was getting my scent in his. It tasted so good. I was breathing evenly, and everything was quiet and all we could hear in the darkness were the sounds of our own breathing and moaning and rolling around in the grass. He smelled so good. I inhaled his essence and tried to memorize it. I felt his hand on my face. I felt an almost electric tingling buzz on my cheek, where he had touched, and I longed for more.
Slowly, I drew back from the kiss and removed my tongue from Clyde's mouth. I gave him one more close-mouthed kiss, he returned one, and then we leaned against the tree again.
I was dazzled. That was the best kiss of my life. I asked breathlessly, with big eyes, "Did you feel something. you know, while we were kissing?" I asked, worrying that he hadn't felt it.
"Yeah," he said, relieved, "Whoa. That was the best kiss of my life. Wow! How did you do- how did that happen?" He stumbled on his words. "How come the kiss I just had with you was so much better than the one with Clarissa? Is it fate or something? Are we supposed to be together now?" He grinned sheepishly. "Because, you know, I wouldn't mind." He looked up at me, a mixture of hope and doubt in his eyes. I was amazed. Did he really just say that?
"I don't know what it means, Clyde. But I do know that I liked it. I liked it a lot," I looked up at him shyly, and he grinned and said, "So did I. I loved it." I quickly gasped for breath and continued in a rush, "And you know, I wouldn't mind much either if we were together. In fact, I'd also like that a lot." I leaned forward and we had a short kiss, which was just as breathtaking as the first.
"Heather, " Clyde ventured, "I really like you, and if we were officially together, it would be easier for us to do this." He looked very nervous. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Yes! Yes! My heart was in my mouth.
I was bursting with joy inside, but was careful not to let my face show it. "I don't know," I said, a smile playing on my lips, "Maybe we ought to kiss one more time so I can be sure." Clyde's eyes twinkled and he responded, "Say no more," and eagerly pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was spectacular, like the first, but much more confident and passionate.
After a few minutes of heaven, we took a break. I already missed being in his arms, him rubbing my back, caressing my face. "Okay, if you can promise me more kisses like that, I will definitely be your girlfriend," I responded, finally sure of something in my life. This was meant to be. A look of relief washed over Clyde's face.
"The stars are really bright tonight. What time is it?" asked Clyde.
"You want to leave already?"
"No! I just want to have a general idea-"
"Relax! I'm kidding. It's about half past nine."
"Thanks." His thin form sat upright in the field where we had rolled and sat beautifully silhouetted in the moonlight. "Hey Heather," Clyde said, sounding tentative, "Don't you think it's a little weird how when we were at the pizza place," he hesitated, "-when we were at the pizza place, like, how we were acting different around each other, I guess because we didn't know who the other was?"
I had noticed that too. "Yeah, I know, like, right now, or at school, I would never call you 'sexy boy'," I giggled a bit, "even though you are, you great big sexy beast!"
Clyde let out a snort of laughter and soon, enough, we were laughing in each others arms and hugging.
Clyde continued, "Well, I guess people do weird things around strangers or in disguise. Now I'm glad I thought you were a stranger, or we probably wouldn't be here right now. You know, I always thought of you as just an average girl. Now I see that you're not. You're amazing. I really like you. A lot."
I was touched. I said, "I really like you too. A lot. Actually," my cheeks flushed a little, "I've liked you a lot for about a year now. I was scared to tell you. I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. It seemed like you were way out of my league. and I was just scared of being vulnerable, but now I see that you won't let me ever feel vulnerable, will you?" I felt kind of intimidated talking about this so much. I had never had a boyfriend before. No one suspected it from the way I acted though.
"Of course not," Clyde replied in a calm, husky voice, "You know, back in the pizzeria," he coughed a bit, and cleared his throat, "I was imagining what it would be like to kiss you. I was way off, maybe partly because I was having my tongue sucked out by Clarissa at the time."
I chuckled. "I know what else you were imagining!" I teased.
He looked slightly worried, "What?"
"You were imagining what my boobs feel like! I know you weren't just rubbing the table in circles for no reason!" I had a smile on my face, certain I had caught him.
Clyde looked taken aback, and then grinned, and said, "Who, me?" looking as innocent as possible.
"Yeah, I know you were!"
"All right, I admit it! I was being a table fondler," he admitted sheepishly, and then said on a more serious note, "I have to admit, though, that I would love to find out what they feel like for real, not imagined on a table." There was a twinkle in his eyes and every line of his face was clearly outlined. I ran my index finger along his jaw bone.
I bit my lip. I was somewhat surprised, but if I knew this was Clyde why hadn't I seen this coming? I wavered, but then said, "You'll just have to find out then, won't you?" I couldn't believe my own boldness. I rubbed at the ground with my knuckles.
Clyde looked ecstatic, and shouted "Hell yeah! This rocks!" to the night sky. He pressed himself against the tree and moved his groin up and down on it. It was kind of embarrassing, and I began to think he was too mature for me.
"Wait," I felt nervous, and had to say, "Listen, Clyde, I don't want to go past second base tonight. I don't want to turn this into a one-night stand. And stop humping that tree!" A shiver arose in my body as I thought of us having a one-night stand. That would have been awful. I couldn't ever think of why people did those things.
"Of course not. Under the shirt, over the bra it is then," but he quickly added, "But if you change your mind let me know," he said mischievously and winked, "I have a condom in my pocket."