There's a place off Ocean Avenue

Where I used to sit and talk with you

We were both 16 and it felt so right

Sleeping all day, staying up all night

Staying up all night

*~* Marnie raised her head and looked around. Slowly she realized that she was sleeping on the beach. How the hell did I get here? She then saw the bird picking at her old worn down Vans. Damn! She heard someone say her name, and turned around to see the most popular boy in school lying there next to her. Whoa. "Why are you here" she asked. "No idea" he replied. *~* Marnie was your typical straight A american genius. She had a sister, Jamie, who was away at college, at some Ivy league school where the kids were too smart for their teachers. Her brothers were twin freshman, the stars of the varsity squad, the first starting freshman on the squad since their father, Rick had held that position 15 years earlier. But one thing about Marnie was just not right, and everyone noticed that before they saw her intelligence. She always just wanted to be perfect, but never had exactly what she wanted. Second her appearance. Since she already had a sure ticket to college, being a senior, she didn't really care what others thought of her at that moment. So because of this, she wore all black. She liked it because it was the color of midnight, when the coldest wind blew over her town as she sat on the roof. Like I said she was messed up, but isn't everyone?


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