"If I could I would do all of this again

Travel back in time with you to where this all began

We could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind

And make believe there's something left to find"

Ben woke up from his daydreaming with a start to see the girl that he knew so well staring at him from less than two inches away. "What are you doing?" he practically yelled. "Umm, I'm just making sure you're okay..." Marnie replied, internally smacking herself for her stupid comments. "What ever" was his response while he got up and began to brush himself off. "We gotta get back to school now. What time is it?" he asked Marnie, trying to be as nonchalant he could about the whole stupid night.

It started off insanely. He headed right after to school to his friend Nate's house. Nate was the kind of kid you were friends with for convenience than actual friendship. You all know the kid, the one who is cool by association. Who knows if it is some predetermined curse for some kids to have no real friends. Ben suspected that Nate knew his predicament. So Nate threw totally crazy house parties every weekend to try, always unsuccessfully, to cement his popularity. The parties where nothing like the glamorous shindigs everyone else went too. They were the kind with kids all over the place, often throwing up off the stairs, and only the kids in close proximity actually moved over. You could purchase anything you wanted at these parties. Nate was always "friends" with all the dealers a low lives he could find. The kid may not have had any real friends, but did he know how to throw a good party. he problem was that things always seemed to mellow out once every kid had consumed their amount of alcohol from an ugly paper cup, and people would always leave. So Ben followed the wave out the door at 10 o'clock, and went to see if anything was up anywhere else. He walked everywhere. That was his biggest problem with the idiots at his school. They thought that owning a car was the be all and end all of teenage coolness. Ben walked all over town, and saw no one. What ever parties there may have been, they were now not going on. He was walking in the alley by the post office when a hand stuck out at his chest. He was so surprised that he banged into ten trash cans in a row before resting on the ground on top of at least five banana peels.

"Klutzy aren't we" said the girl peering down at him.