A/N: Yet another BLS fanfiction, I like this one a lot ^_^ It's giving me a break from Buttered Toast - but don't worry, I'll still be writing on it :D NOTE: There is some spanish used, it's probally wrong, don't kill me.

A blue-eyed brown-haired girl was chatting beside her locker when a bell rang over head.

"Crap! I'm gonna be late, again! See you later Rach!" She cried to her friend and rushed off down the hall. She was at the doorway of her class when the bell rang.

"Damnit!" She exclaimed as she stepped into her class.

"Ms. Hunton, what was that?" The teacher asked looking to her surprised.

"Nothing Ms. Bennett," she mumbled to her teacher and walked to take her seat.

"That's detention aswell, Ms. Hunton," Ms. Bennett said to her as she was about to sit down.

"What?" She cried turning around.

"You're late," the teacher said and turned back to the board.

"I was in the room!" She cried.

Ms. Bennett turned around and looked at her through her glasses, "Want to try for a week?" she asked.

"No ma'am," she mumbled and said down in her desk with a huff and dragged out her notebook. Ms. Bennett began writing on the board when another student timidly opened the door.

The teacher turned to face him, "Can I help you?" she asked.

"Is this, uh, Ms. Bennett's math class?" He asked looking down to his sheet and squinting.

"Why yes it is, oh! You must be the new student." He nodded and not even half the class bothered to look up. "Class," the teacher said sternly and a few more heads looked up, "This is our new student, Ryan Turner."

He stood awkwardly at the front of the room and nodded to the class. "Now Mr. Turner, I see Ms. Hunton has an empty seat beside her, why don't you sit there?" she offered.

"Uh, which one's - " Ryan began, looking around the room.

"Me," she said holding up a hand to grasp his attention. He nodded and walked over beside her and sat down.

"The name's Casey," she said once the teacher started class.

He nodded politely, "Ryan," he said just incase she hadn't been paying attention.

"Well hello Ryan, welcome to North Cater High School." She said to him.

"Uh, thanks," he began.

"Ms. Hunton, could you please refrain from talking while I'm trying to teach?" Ms. Bennett asked turning around and the class grew silent.

"I'll try," Casey said shrugging and a few people chuckled.

The teacher turned back to the board and they all began taking notes. "So, where're you from?" She asked Ryan scribbling down something.

"Winnetka," he answered.

"Oh," she said but shot him a look asking where that was.

"Illinois," he sighed.

"Oh!" she said, "What brought you all the way down to Georgia?"

"Job transfer," he said flatly.

She nodded, "So, what class do you have next?" she asked.

He looked down at his sheet, "Uh, Literature,"

"Lemme see that," she said snatching it from him. He gave her a slightly annoyed look and she raised an eyebrow. "Looks like you're stuck with me until lunch, Turner."

He arched his eyebrows at how she had already begun calling him Turner.

The bell rang and she jumped up, "Finally," she said breathlessly. "C'mon Turner, our next class is across the hall, have you got your locker yet?" she asked.

He nodded, "1102," he said.

She thought a moment, "Oh, right beside Micheal." She said.

"Who?" He asked puzzled.

"Nothing, just come on." She instructed and pulled him out of the room. They walked down the hall and she stopped and tapped the locker. "There ya' go." She said.

"Thanks," he mumbled and put in the combination while Casey chatted with a few people.

"Hunter!" Came a husky voice that made Ryan and Casey turn around.

"Hey Micheal," Casey sighed.

"Who's the new kid?" Micheal asked looking over her shoulder.

"Oh!" Casey said turning to face both of them. "Ryan, this is Micheal, Micheal, Ryan." She said to them and Micheal surveyed him. Ryan noticed he was slightly more built than him and had a messy head of light brown hair.

"Have you seen Rachel, Hunter?" Micheal asked Casey now ignoring Ryan.

"Yeah, earlier, I'm not sure where she is though." Casey answered.

"Well you're a lot of help," he said sarcastically and shoved her lightly into the locker.

"Ouch! Micheal!" She yelled rubbing her shoulder, "I'm going to get a bruise."

"Good," he teased and the bell rang, "Well I've got class, see you Hunter." He said and walked past her giving Ryan one last glance.

"Let's go, Turner." She said nodding for him to follow.

"Hunter?" He asked once they neared their class.

"Yeah, Hunton, Hunter," she said, "It's Micheal's fault," she said rolling her eyes.

"Oh! Hunter!" Micheal yelled down the hall.

"What?" She answered.

"We still on for this afternoon?" He asked.

"Ah, sorry Micheal, I got detention!"

"Ditch it!"

"I can't, it's already my third!"

"Well how about tomorrow?"

"Sounds great!"

"See you!"


"Ms. Hunton!" Ms. Bennett cried, "Would you try not to yell in the halls. Honestly, it's only your third week of Junior year and you're starting it off badly."

Casey shot her a sidelong glance and dragged Ryan into their next class. She obviously had a lot of friends in this one.

"Were you yelling to Micheal?" a girl asked who was sitting in the front.

"Who else do I yell down the hall to, Rach?" Casey responded.

"Yescah!" Yelled a girl's voice.

"Xela!" Casey yelled back and they both laughed. She halfly-skipped to the back of the room and Ryan followed her timidly. Much to Ryan's surprise she jumped on top of one of the desks.

"Everyone, this is Ryan," She said pointing down to him.

"Hi Ryan," a girl said smiling at him.

"Sarah!" Casey cried, "I do believe you're already hitting on the new student!"

"Well since Micheal already is after you!" Sarah countered.

"Nonsense, we all know he loves Rachel!" She teased and Ryan saw the girl he remembered Casey talking to blush.

"What about Tyler?" Said another.

"They broke up," Casey said.

"When?" Another asked.

"Last week, where have you been?" The one Casey had called Xela answered.

"Calm down you people, I think we're confusing the new one." Casey said watching Ryan's face in amusement.