"Let's try this again," she said, "Hand me that notebook, Sarah," she ordered and Sarah handed it up. "Now when I call out your name please stand up." She looked down to Turner, "You better pay attention, you'll get a quiz after this." He watched her in confusion as she began.

"Xela?" She said and a curly haired brunette stood up.

"It's Alex, they call me Xela though." She said.

"We of course, that's why I called you XELA." Casey said and got a few more chuckles.

"Lets see," she said making an invisible mark, "Rachel?" she called.

A girl with jet black hair stood up, "Hi," she said timidly.

"Don't worry about her, she'll come around." Casey said leaning over to Ryan.

"Tyler?" she called. "Xela, kick his chair," she said after she got no response. Alex kicked the chair of a sleeping guy.

"Yo, what, huh?" he asked looking up.

Casey sighed, "That's minus ten points, Tyler, get with the picture."

He still looked confused but laid his head back down.

"Uh, ah, Sarah!" Casey cried.

A girl with dirty blonde hair smiled to him.

"Is that standing up?" Casey asked.

"No," Sarah said.

Casey sighed again and went on, "Let's see, that's, Ashley, Ashely, you'll get them confused. The one on the right's Q and the one on the left's T. Um, Trevor, Kevin, Amanda, Camera, David, and the rest aren't important." She said and the remaining person looked up and scowled.

"Oh, Andy, how could I of forgotten?" She said sarcastically sticking her tongue out at him.

"Mr. Ship's coming, Case." Rachel said peering out the door.

"Thanks," Casey said jumping down from the table and calmly sitting in her chair. Ryan followed suit and took the chair beside her.

The teacher walked in, "I have good news," he said smiling. "We have a quiz today!" He cried and groans were heard.

"That's good news?" Alex asked.

"No no, there was a paper jam so," he began but the room errupted in cheers. "As I was saying," he said flatly, "We'll just have a free day." He said and finally notcied Ryan.

"We have a new student?" he half asked.

"Yeah, he's Turner." Casey said.

"Ryan," Sarah said.

"Turner," Casey countered.

"Turner, Turner, ah, Ryan! Yes, well, welcome to our class. I'm Mr. Ship," he said, "I take it we've gone through introductions already?" Ryan nodded, Mr. Shipp looked to Casey, "I wonder who we could thank for that."

"Aint it obvious?" One of the Ashley's said.

"Duh, Casey," the other one answered.

"Of course," Mr. Ship said, "I should of guessed. Keep clear of her kid, she's nothing but trouble." He said to Ryan and Casey sulked.

"Oh well, continue everyone, but keep your voices down." Mr. Ship ordered.

Immediately, Sarah turned around, "What's all this B.S. about Micheal loving Rach? You know he's got the hot's for you." She said.

"What?" Casey asked looking confused.

"Are you not going to go out with him this afternoon." Sarah asked.

"It was a burger but I got detention so it's on for tomorrow." Casey answered.

"Yescah!" Alex cried and Casey looked past Ryan to her.

"What Xela?" she asked.

"Are you eating lunch today, 'cause I need some, help," she said sarcastically.

"Does this in anyway involve Mr. Toaster?" Casey asked.

Alex nodded grinning, "Please? I don't want to go down to the library by myself."

"You're meeting him at the library?" Casey countered.

Alex shrugged, "So what do you say?"

"Sorry Xela, I was going to eat with Turner." She said.

"Why?" Alex cried.

"Can you imagine him eating the jello?"

"Ew, goodness no! Alright," Alex sighed.

"I can show him around," a girl with curly blonde hair said, Ryan couldn't remember her name.

"Nah, that's alright Amanda." Casey said slightly impatiently.

"Now here's an idea," Alex began, "How about Sarah and Rach show him around and you can come with me!" She exclaimed clearly satisfyed with her solution.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud snoring. "Someone shut up Mr. Slumber." Mr. Ship said as he read his book.

A guy smacked Tyler in the head, Trevor, Ryan thought his name was. Tyler jerked awake, "What?" he asked blinking.

"You were snoring," most of the class said flatly.

He only shrugged and laid his head back down on the table.

Casey continued to chat back and forth between about five people and stopped to explain one thing or the other to Ryan.

"Are you getting all of this? I suppose you think I'm just a babbling idiot at this point." She laughed.

"Don't worry Hunter, we all do," a guy named David said, if Ryan remembered correctly.

She glared at him, "Shut up Cobbs,"

Ryan had noticed that she called most people by their last name. It now didn't seem as surprising that she called him Turner five minutes after they had met.

"Speak up Turner, you haven't said a word most of the period." Casey said turning back to him.

"Let him soak in all this first, Case, honestly!" Sarah cried.

Casey looked to her, "Hitting on the new kid AGAIN, Sarah? Tsk, what would your mother say."

Sarah scowled and turned away. The bell soon rang and Casey stood up, "Ok Turner, I'm sure you'll want to put that book away," she nodded towards his new liturature book. "So I'll wait and then we'll trek down to the trailers for Spanish."

He nodded for lack of really anything else better to say. She was rather forceful, but he was glad of it. Without her he would have been extremely confused by now.

"Hunter!" Ryan heard Micheal cry.

"Must you always do that?" Casey said turning around looking startled.

He shrugged, "Did you do your spanish homework?" he asked.

"Oh snap!" She exclaimed, "No! But I've got more pressing issues to discuss." She said.

He raised his eyebrows, "Don't get any ideas Chasler, it's about Xela."

Micheal sighed, "Nick?" she nodded, "Hunter, when are you going to convice Alex to stop going out with him?"

"I've tried, but she won't listen. I'm getting dragged to her next meeting with him again and I've come to ask for your services."

He cocked an eyebrow, "Again?"

"C'mon Chasler, you know the drill. I just need someone to keep me distracted so I won't go off on him again. I might get jumped next time." She said.

He sighed, "Hunter, dear Hunter, when will you learn? Guys don't jump pretty girls."

She looked at him flatly, "Don't even start, you know that aint true." She turned away from him before he could say anything else, "Coming Turner?" She asked.

Ryan, who had been standing off to the side looked over and nodded. "Let's go then," she said. Micheal obviously had the same class and he walked on Casey's left and Ryan on her right, lagging slightly behind.

"So is that a yes?" Casey asked Micheal.

"What?" he asked, "Oh, sure, but don't you think Alex'll be mad?"

"She'll get over it, the only reason she wants me there is to make sure Nick don't try anything." Casey answered.

"What about Turner over here?" He asked nodding to Ryan who looked up. "You aren't letting him eat lunch without any guidance?"

Casey laughed and shook her head, "I've got Rachel and Sarah to help out."

"Good," Micheal laughed aswell.