Do you see them?
These cuts on my wrists.
Can you see them?
Or are you too f*ing blind?
Do you even know why I do it?
Neither do I.
But it gets me attention.
That's what you think isn't it?
Well guess what.
I know why I do it.
The blood drains away the pain.
You ask me if it hurts.
Why would it hurt?
I have no feelings, remember?
I can't feel a thing.
The cuts are digging deeper.
Can't you hear the sound?
The sound of everything falling away.
You think I'm insane.
You're right, I am.
But only 'cause you raised me like this.
And only 'cause you treat me like a freak.
Locking me away like I'm not even human.
You never paid attention before.
Now when I want you to butt out,
You can't seem to leave me alone.
I don't need a shrink.
I can handle this on my own.
Sure it's not the best way,
But the blood gets rid of the pain.
Isn't that what you want to see?
Me showing no more signs of weakness.
Isn't that what you want to hear?
Me saying I'll get over it.
How can you be so hypocritical?
Telling me not to tell people what's going on.
Then making me tell a freakin' stranger.
I don't think so.
That's not the way it's going to go.
Not anymore.
I'll keep doing the cuts.
Not for your attention.
Not for anyone else's.
For me, and only me.
The blood looks good on me.
Just my own opinion.
Maybe not yours, or anyone else's.
But what do I care?
I never listened to you or anyone else before.
Why would I start now?
And yet again my cuts just get deeper.
Closer to the bone.
The red is getting brighter.
It's covering my arm.
Staining my skin.
You act like my problems are making your life hard.
Why are you the center of the world?
You say you know how it feels
To have these cuts on your wrist.
No you don't.
You don't know anything.
My cuts are still here.
Scarring my skin.
My feelings are draining away again.
The pain is almost gone.
Should I end it now?
Or should I wait?
Wait for everything to get better.
If it ever does.
My cuts won't heal.
They can't heal.
Tracing them again and again.
My cuts, my scrapes.
They'll never fade.