A/n: The author has done it! She is in the middle of editting. Well, kind of. I was re-reading things from way back when, and I've forgotten a lot of things…and I screwed up the story so much. So, I rewrote and redid things so it all makes sense in the future…

There once was a beautiful, selfish princess who believed in power and money over all else. That was until an evil witch came along and cursed her to be a man. The only way to set herself free from the spell was to give up all selfishness and receive a kiss from her true love. One problem, she's attending an all boys deeply religious Catholic Academy.

Chapter 1

"Does that make me queer?"

Being a guy was not something I ever expected. They're all gross and sleazy, getting horny every seven seconds. I never knew all this for sure until I become a man myself. I was once the rich daughter of the man who invented the soda "One." I was beautiful and I had everything I ever wanted. Anything I wanted was mine with just a snap of my fingers. I was that rich.

I was a nice person. Really, I swear. Or maybe I wasn't... Why else would Hell fall upon me? Why had this happened to me? I never did anything wrong. I just lived life out. That's all. But I was cursed and the spell had fallen upon me. I was now a man.

I was just a beautiful eighteen-year-old girl with long, golden hair, filled with curls. My blue eyes were clear and icy...like a lake to be admired by all. I was one of the most beautiful people. But that had changed.

Here I stand now, in this All-boy Academy...Catholic Academy. Do I have a chance of surviving here...? I don't know...

"This is Bobby Evans," The teacher said. He was some kind of priest or father or something. I wondered if there were any women in this school. All of the boys in the class stared at me. I didn't bother to look any of them over. There would be time for that later. I figure I'll be in this man's body for a while now...

"I hope you will all treat him graciously and politely," The headmaster said. I stared at everyone and they all stared back. This was going to get weird. The headmaster directed me to my seat and exited the room. I happened to sit in the front row. Great. Now everyone can stare at me...

Although I was technically a guy now, I still looked delicate. I now had short golden hair and my eyes had remained the same. There were plenty of changes...in certain areas. Let's not go there. I was still good-looking, boy or girl. That's my gift.

I could feel all eyes on me and that made it hard to pay attention to the lesson. Or at least pretend to pay attention. Being the new kid is so awkward. Luckily, right after class was a lunch period. I didn't feel hungry. So instead, I found my dorm room, which I shared with two other guys.

Each dorm had three occupants and one bathroom. How do they survive!? I found my 'stuff' to already be there, beside a bed. I gently kneeled down and carefully unzipped my bag. It was filled with guys clothing and all necessaries for living away from home.

It was so easy to obtain all this with money and power. But why had this curse come upon me? It's the only thing I don't understand. If my beauty had disappeared, I admit I would have been a bit more...freaked. But, the truth be told, I'm still as beautiful as ever.

Buried under my clothes was my teddy bear I had since I was a child. Sure it sounds stupid for a guy... I carefully took it out and placed it in my arms. It was dear to me, as stupid as that sounds. I hugged it tight against my body. It was what I needed in this time of misery.

"Looks like the new kid is my new roommate," A voice said from behind me. I turned around, still holding the bear.

"Who are you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes.

"Tom Wilson," He replied with a grin. He had whiteish-blonde hair with green eyes. He was rather tall, but wore the school uniform well. "This is my dorm. I'm one of your roommates."

"Oh," I said. I paid no more attention to him. He walked over and observed me. He noticed I was hugging my teddy bear.

"Oh, great...a queer kid..." He muttered.

"Excuse me?" I asked, coldly. My eyes glowed. He motioned to the bear. I placed it down gently on my bag.

"So what?" I said, angrily. "What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," He said in his defense. "Just might give some of the kids ideas..."

"You're strange."

"As are you...what was your name? Bobby...?"

"Yes," I answered, narrowing my eyes.

"Well, Bobby, just be careful."

"Sure..." I muttered. I tucked the bear back into my bag and kept it hidden in my clothes.

"So, what brings you here to this lovely Catholic Academy?" Tom asked me. I stared.

"An evil curse," I said, truthfully. He stared at me with an arched eyebrow. He followed it with a laugh.

"That's interesting, kid."

"I'm the same age as you," I said as I glared.

"Really? Because you act like a brat. Well, all the rich kids are brats when they first come here. Most of them grow out of it. But there are those who do not."

"That's nice," I said, annoyed by this Tom person. He was truly a strange figure. Are all the guys I'm going to encounter like this? I'm going to have one wild adventure.

"I'm going to lunch, you wanna come?" He asked me. I looked at him.

"No thank you," I said, coldly. Tom shrugged and headed out. I was left alone once again. I took out my bear once again and hugged it. I laid down on the bed and stared at the wall. My eyes closed and I thought of what I once was.

After classes, we had prayers to do. I was never really religious. But here, I had to be. It was like going to church. I hadn't gone to church in a long time. It was an interesting experience. School was over for the day. After prayers, a group of boys confronted me.

"Hey new kid," A dark haired kid said to me. He was tall and had pale skin, such as mine. He had blue eyes. He looked just plain scary.

"Yes?" I asked, innocently.

"What's with all the seclusion? You haven't even made an effort to talk to me."

"Uh, why would I?" I asked, confused.

"I saw the way you were looking at me," He said.

"What are you implying?"

"He's implying that you're queer," Said a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to see Tom.

"Tom, I see you've noticed it too," The black-haired kid said with a grin.

"Aiden, leave the poor guy alone. He's new," Tom said, standing beside me. "...Not yet, okay? Let him...adjust."

"Fine, all my fun."

"The new kid is our room mate."

"What?" Aiden asked, a little surprised. I frowned.

"Hey, I'm right here," I said, a little peeved off. "Don't talk about me."

"Hmm...seems as if the new kid is a strange one," Aiden said. Tom nodded.

"Strange, indeed."

"People, people...I have a name!" I said, annoyed.

"Yeah?" Aiden asked. "What would that be?"

"It's Bobi-eh- Bobby Evans."

"Alright, Evans...We'll see about you."

I glared. This place was weird. All the boys were rude. I hated being a guy. I want to return to my normal self right now! I missed wearing my expensive dresses. I missed posing for the camera. I missed spending my money!

"Come on, Evans. I'll help you get settled in," Tom said to me. I stood still and didn't move.

"I don't need your help," I said with a frown. I crossed my arms.

"Well, I'll help you anyway," He said. I glared, but ended up following him back to the dorm room. Upon entering the room, I went and sat down on my bed. This was unfair! I wanted to go home. These boys were mean to me. If only they knew who I really was. They'll pay soon enough.

Tom kneeled down on the floor and started unpacking my stuff. I didn't care. They were just the mandatory uniforms. Who cares? All of the guys have the same clothing. He shoved my clothing into the bottom drawer of the dresser. He picked up my teddy bear and looked at me.

"Where do you want this?"

"Hey, don't touch that," I glared. "Give it here."

Tom tossed it to me and I glared more.

"I want to go home."

"Yeah, I'm sure you do, but tough luck."

"I hate you," I muttered.

"Yeah, sure. You know, you act like a little baby."

"No, I don't!"

"Yes, you do," He said. "Probably a spoiled brat at one time. And no offense, but you act like a girl."

"Does that make me queer?"

"Yeah, it does."

I groaned and laid down on my bed with a frown on my face. I closed my eyes in hope to fall asleep.

"I'll wake you for dinner," Tom assured as he exited the room. I was finally alone.

I finally did go to sleep. But sleep wasn't that great. I was haunted in my dreams. Just when I thought I could have peace, I have nightmares. No one will understand what is happening to me. No one will believe me. I'm just one of the guys now. Get me out of this nightmare!