Running as fast as I can to escape my past and my memories. If I could erase everything, I would. A turquoise sky flies overhead as the black silhouettes of trees duck away from my fast pace
I hate him. I hate how he hurts me even as I run, I hate his beautiful green eyes, I hate his talent for drawing. If life were fair he wouldn't be a part of it.
My bare feet are getting cut by sharp twigs and scattered pieces of fragment. A thin shirt covers my trembling body and my long hair flows out from behind. I repeat that it's time to put everything behind me and restart. Restart to where?
There's nowhere left to go. There's no possible way I can forget him because he has touched a deep part from within me and it can never be replaced. The question that nags me the most: would I want it to? Would I want to replace him?
I feel completely trapped. My body feels exhausted and worn out so I slow down and hang my head to cry. Tears pour down my face and I try to make them stop but they won't. They need to be let out.
I'm falling farther away from the world. Already I am lost and he has just made it worse. Am I to blame? "There he is," I whisper softly. I see him standing alone among the black trees. I approach him and touch his soft hair. He smiles kindly and shakes his head, a look of sadness on his beautiful face.

"Don't," he says, handing me a blood red rose with a single petal. The petal drops to the ground in one clear, swift movement. I see a thorn from the stem cutting into his perfect skin and drawing blood.
His blood falls on the ground next to the petal.

"You're not," I say. He's not there because he isn't real.