This is a fairly random poem about typical angsty crap. I'm sure you can figure it out for yourselves. I couldn't think of a decent title, so it's Pain of Hurt. Sort of describes the poem, I guess. And I honestly don't know what I was on when I wrote this, so if it's odd, blame my brain. Yeah. Read and review!

Pain of Hurt

The pain of hurt combined with self-inflicted betrayal
Only adds to confusion of the mind
Bound by fear of pain
Of the loss of hidden emotion
Opening old wounds, a can of worms kept secret for far too long
The pain is fresh, and it hurts
The quivering, mind-numbing panic refuses
To allow true thought a voice
Hidden behind masks of happiness; I am weak
It is easier to say nothing than to voice hope
The fragile imagined connection I long to make
It doesn't exist, world comes crashing down
But I'll hide it in a smile that doesn't touch my eyes
You won't know
You can't know
I'm killing myself inside