I felt like a semi had collided into me, backed up, and whacked me again. I opened one eye, tentatively, and soon wished I hadn't. What the hell was I doing last night? I tried to sit up to maybe get some coffee, and the night's events came rushing back.

I plopped back on the pillows, wincing. The semi had returned for a third pass, since apparently there was some part of my body not in pain yet. "Ouch."

The light clicked on, staining my eyelids a harsh cerise. A cool finger traced down the center of my chest. "Ah yes, you are pretty one. Not bad for my first childer." I snarled and pulled up the covers. "And feisty as well."

Katharine sat on the side of my bed. I muttered and turned my side so my back was to her. She placed her hand on my shoulder; I would have moved away, trying to escape to unconsciousness once more, but my quota of movement sans vomit was all used up for the moment.

"I should have warned you, I suppose," she stated. "The process of physical death is never fun, or easy."

"Thanks," I growled. "Just a bit belated there." Christ, what a hangover. Well, if vampiric delights were so much better than mortal, it was only fair that the results of indiscretion be just as more horrid. I rolled over onto my back and fixed her with a baleful gaze.

"The headache will go away, soon," she commented, ruffling my hair and ignoring me. "Until then, I suggest that you remain here."

"Where else will I go as I gradually complete my death?" I asked facetiously. "I mean, you see kids on the street doing it all the time."

She rolled her eyes, rising from the bed and walking slowly to the door. As she reached the frame, she turned, her silhouette graceful in the grey light. "I'll return for you later. Tonight, we hunt," she stated, and left.

"Goddamn drama queen," I muttered, tugging the blanket over my head.

"I heard that," she called.