Alternate Ending #1:

My watch says I have twenty minutes. I've made up my mind. I'm finding Lance. I start running as fast I can, back toward the coffee shop. I've been running a lot lately. Running from my problems, running for my life, now I running for Lance.

Ten minutes later the coffee shop is in my site. I go to cross the street. I look both ways and it appears no taxis, bikes, or glass panes are coming my way. I step onto the street and cross. I enter the coffee house. It's filled with the smoke of cigarettes. I look over toward where Lance, Lea, and I had been setting earlier. It's empty, so I head back out onto the street. Getting in a taxi, there's Lance and Lea. I yell for Lance, but he doesn't hear me. I grab my hair out of frustration. I look at my watch, and I'm a minute too late.