Your eyes are sweet and soft, unknowing to the world the cruelties of man.
The harsh words of hatred and all alike.
The sweet sound of a child's young voice talking to her friend while being
kept inside from play during the first rain of spring while it pitter
patters on the roof tops of the sheds outside in the back yards with
puppies playing in the mud.
Your young soft lips never touched the sweetest jam or the ripest berries
that have bathed on the branches of the fullest bushes in the mid summers
warm blanketing sun.
Never drinking the smoothest milk from the belly of a cow or the coldest
brisk waters from a young mountain brook churned by a fellow waterfall.
Your body young and strong unbroken by wear and age, yet still fragile to
man and the spirit you have that through years to come one day they will
break of you when youth grows old and your time one day comes closer to
death and the battles of sickness and age you will go through, and come out
standing strong as you do now in youth.
Your inner spirit untouched by morality and thought left to be free and
test your own waters with lessons to be learned and knowledge to be gained
one day aging you to be old and to teach another, but for now just simply
to be free and to experience every corner of the world and to reach for all
that you can with no worries of the world broken and laying on your back
resting heavy on your heart.
Not to worry now, you'll never be alone, always someone by your side.
Sweet thoughts in your head as the season's change and years go bye.
Let no worries slow you down but salvage every sweet taste and thought and
keep the bitter in the back of your mind.
If the world laughs in your face laugh back knowing you will grow and not
become bitter at the bad that will be thrown at you with no warning.
When you get the chance, run like the wind and chase the ground beneath
your hooves as you pound it like every beat of your heart.
Take in the breath of the earth and sleep like the berries in the blanket
of the sun if only for a moment, but, enjoy it for your life.
I love you.