Fear me, feed me.

I will lead thee.

Welcome to the party.

When alone, darkness rules.

Children shall become your tools,

Glorifying fatal duels.

Can you kill what is not here?

Become exactly what you fear?

Then love is dead and blood is dear.

The virtues are just empty shells.

Size comes with the pride that swells.

Make your home where evil dwells,

And watch your dreams go up in flames.

The darkest sins to you are games.

But what is this?

A poison kiss?

Ignorance is bliss

Till it damns you

And commands you.

Do what you'll do.

Ignore what is true.

You will not hold me in a cage

Or disarm me in rage.

You are my puppet on my stage.

You beg and claim I did not know.

Blindly you have let me go,

Helping malevolence slowly grow.

If I say nothing,

But hide in sheep's clothing

I can for now conceal my loathing.

All goodness dies.

You'll live by lies.

You are a sham,

A scam,

And not a gram of good implies otherwise.

You are what I am,

A death that never dies.