No One Sings About You

From: Joelle

To: All my lost loved ones


You think that when you are passed and gone
That you will be remembered long
The truth is we only praise the wrong
We write books about those who are bad and strong

No one sings about you, it's a pity, it's a shame
No one tells stories of your days
They just vanish in the haze
No one sings about you, not one person, only me
Though I cry now that your soul is free
I sing because you were good to me

Though I certainly will miss you now that I stand alone
I know your spirit lives on in another home
Life goes on for others as though you'd never flown
You were a dove but people only like to talk of crows

No one sings about you, they're too busy, they're too rushed
They act as though you weren't that much
They're wrapped up in jobs and such
No one sings about you, just me, you're one true friend
You set an I-love-to-love-life trend
You helped me to the end

No one sings about you, just the wind bringing the rain
As it whispers past your grave
But I want to let you know, I sang