Authors Note: I was inspiired when I was studying about Raphael. I once
read a short fictional story about how this woman was in love with Raphael
so I used her point of veiw in the poem. She too was a minor artist who
admired his work.
by Corrine H

Do mine eyes deceive me?
For I have seen you create God's work on the wall.
your hands, steadily holding the brush
the colors gently telling all

You where the lad from Umbrino
Who was sent to Rome
You father surly believed in you
You made heaven your home

Your eyes study the life before you
and your paints recreate what you saw
A mother and child sit on the canvas
And above them a heavenly call

I first saw you painting the thinkers of greece
Around you a heavenly glow
as if you were really the archangel
sent here below

I quickly fell in love
but not sure if it was for you or your work
I was helpless in this fall
I was soon lost in you arrogance and quirks

I longed for your touch
a touch of love
The look in your eyes
But that look was reserved for only one

You where consumed with your work
A Sistine Madonna was all that mattered
A gift from God took you away from me
My love was reduced to tatters

I loved that lad from Umbrino
That lad who was sent to Rome
I begged God for you to teach me
The Talent you called your own

You where called one of the Giants of the Renaissance
But one day you fell
The whole world weeped, and so did I
We weeped for the Artist, Raphael